Why do you love your boat

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by FavoriteSon, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. FavoriteSon
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    FavoriteSon Junior Member

    I am fairly sure im crazy. i like boats with 6 foot head room. i like long keels. and so on. i wanted to know what sane people like about their boats. so.....

    What is your favorite thing about your boat?
    What is your least favorite?

  2. J Ralph
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    J Ralph Junior Member

    my favorite thing is that it's wood........my least favorite thing is that it's still wood
  3. dougfrolich
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    dougfrolich Senior Member

    I absolutly LOVE my boat. The best thing about it is that it is a real performer. 24 ft. LOA and 2000lbs. It really gets up and goes. It is a pleasure to drive, ballance so sweet!!! on all points of sail-but especially when the wind is aft of the beam. It is a prodution boat, a Moore 24, and to my way of thinking the best sailboat ever, in terms of cost/smiles.
    What I do not like about it is, as my belly gets bigger, the boom seems to get lower, and I am starting to feel the pain. Anyway Moore 24's Rule!!

    Doug Frolich
    "Low Profile"
    Moore 24 #34
    Winner 1998 DoubleHanded Pac Cup
  4. FavoriteSon
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    FavoriteSon Junior Member

    Okay so i'll try my own question for the three boats i like most

    Walker Bay 10 foot
    Awsome sailing for a 10 foot boat
    i dont like the fact that the boom is three feet from the bottom of the boat

    Siren 17
    low draft means it can go any where. huge storage for a boat that big.
    i dont like that its to small to cruise with, and there isn't enough light in the cabin.

    Catalina 28 mkII
    one of the best boats ive been on. interiour is perfect. you could get at any part of the engine by just removing the engine cover
    unfortunatly the engine cover is also the stairs. the table broke just because i leaned on it.

    any way i love all of those boats

  5. Sean Herron
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    Sean Herron Senior Member

    It Is All Mine


    What I mean to express is that IT IS ALL MINE...

  6. mattotoole
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    mattotoole Senior Member

    Cockpit cover

    Well, it's not my boat, but the one I spend my summers on -- a Maple Leaf 50. There are many wonderful things about it, but the best is probably the cockpit cover. It's just a typical stainless steel tube and canvas thing, but it's very well done. It's completely sealed, but you can zip off the sides completely in nicer weather, or open just one or two flaps for air. Rain protection is one thing in the Pacific Northwest, but in summer I appreciate the sun protection even more.

    The nicest thing about it is how it feels as a space -- it's like a sunroom or enclosed porch in a house. It's a great place to sit and watch the world go by. We hardly ever eat "downstairs" anymore.

    I see so many boats with ugly hard dodgers, and pilothouses that are not only ugly but a waste of valuable space. I've seen some new designs in the same size range w/ relatively elegant pilothouses, but in comparison their whole design just seems stupid. This cockpit cover *is* a pilothouse! I'm convinced this is the right way to do a medium to large sailboat, no exceptions!

    Personally, I'm looking at Peterson 44s because I can put exactly the same thing on one of those.
  7. FavoriteSon
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    FavoriteSon Junior Member

    I agree about the hard dodger. they are the uglyist things known to man. and they make the otherwise pretty sailboat look like a stinkpotter

  8. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Because my other half looks a damn sight better on the foredeck then I . . .
  9. Redondo Beach
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    Redondo Beach New Member

    Love our boat

    What I love about our boat is that my husband built it and after 17 years she was launched 2 years ago and acutally floated. What I dislike about the boat she's a never ending piece of work!
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2004
  10. K4s
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    K4s Junior Member

    I love my boat because having just watched the AllBlacks cream ;) the Welsh,well ok much closer than that i guess,I can now go out onthe lake and sail away any frustrations that have built up.The tourist season has arrived and i can get far from the madding crowd and peace and serenity reign,...quite poetic really.
    The thing i hate the most is the time she spends on the trailer in perfect sailing conditions :mad:
    My boat is a one off Dale 7.6 trailer yacht.Strip plank cedar,glassed over.Unpainted inside so the wood is visable.She has accommodation(very basic)for 4 people to sleep but not much else inside,large triple spreader rig running both masthead and 3/4 gennakers from a fixed prod.A bulbed dagger board and speed to burn...bit of a skite there i suppose.Easily sailed single handed so when ever the urge hits i'm gone with or with out crew.
    Im a bit new to this but will post a picture if i can work out how to do it.
    Geez I sound like a proud parent :D

  11. dreamer
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    dreamer Soñadora

    La Soñadora

    she's the prettiest thing I've ever seen and she's tough as nails.

    like a Finnish wife.
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