Who know rengel ?

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by hyboats, Dec 19, 2012.

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    last week I visited my friend's fatory, he was building a trimaran sailing boat. I saw he sprayed one layer polyster gelcoat on the mold, then one layer rengel, then epoxy with fiberglass mat, next layer is epoxy with carbon.
    He said the rengel is very very sticky, mainly used between gelcoat and epoxy.
    Now I am thinking can I use rengel to make epoxy boat mold, it would be much stronger than vinyl &polyster resin mold. :D
    I think maybe four layers epoxy after gelcoat is enough, then polyster resin.
    How about my idea :?::D
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    Bruce, RenGel is an epoxy resin, but why use epoxy to make a mould, poly is much cheaper and certainly has stood the test of time making boat moulds.

    You have to use tooling gelcoat of course.
  3. tunnels

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    Why are you hung up on making a strong mould ?? if a hull mould makes 29 boats its cool if the same mould makes 50 its wow !! if it get to 75 then you should be into a new design aways and it it get to 100 you are due for retirement . moulds while they are being used are ok when they not being use they are taking up space and need to be out of sight .
    Why waste twice as much material as it takes to make just one boat ??
    boats should be like cars and scrap the moulds every couple of years !! scrap as in destroy like burn and sweep up the dust !! :(
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