who is interested to enter the Omani marine market

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    hi all,
    I own a company called NaMES (National Maritime Engineering Services) which was set up few months ago. the company is fully registerd with all various concerned Omani authorities and it specialises with all aspects related to the maritime field. this include consultancy, project management, boat repairs, building, surveys, etc.
    The ship repair and shipbuilding is catching up in Oman due to the start of few huge marine projects and ports by the governemt. being a naval architect i got involved while working in the government sector with different ministries, such as the ministry of tourism and ministry of fisheries to carry out new boat build evaluations and project oversseing on their behalf. this gave me the idea to start my company and now I am looking for bussiness partners. ie I want to represent different companies from the region who are concerned with various marine acitivies. I have an agreement with two companies from Dubai so far and we have had afew small contracts already. I am looking for others which deal with other disciplines. so to all those in the UAE if you interested please send me an email on ahmed@vtplc.com
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