Who are you what have you done and where are you heading?

Discussion in 'Education' started by ErikG, Mar 16, 2002.


Is this idea any good?

  1. Great idea I'll post my information below

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  2. I'm not sure about it's usefulness, but I might post a reply anyway

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  3. Useless idea. Iwill not post my information

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  1. ErikG
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    ErikG Senior Member

    Just an idea for anyone who's interested.
    Post any response you have to the above in this thread.

    About me:

    Erik G,Age 31, Location Stockholm Sweden.
    Sailor since early childhood (with periodic stops in between).
    I've been drawing sketches for some time but this deeper interest in boatdesign really took off abut a year ago. It seems it has turned into sort of an obsession. I dream (daytime and night) about it, I read all I can afford to buy, over and over again.

    I'm currently working with audio for film, I have a degree in electronics from the late eighties and another in sound (not that it relates to boat design).

    I'm now trying to convince my wife that our guestroom really needs a smaller bed and a nice drawingboard instead :--)
    I'm just about to start the YDS distance learningcourse (just need to redo the guestroom first).
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