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Discussion in 'Props' started by rfleet1066, Aug 7, 2016.

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    rfleet1066 rfleet1066

    I'm looking for a source of white lead to put on my stainless drive shaft where the bronze wheel will be mounted to prevent galvanic corroision/ adhesion.. The old timers tell me this is the best compound to use if I can find it.

    Please advise.

  2. Barry
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    Bronze and passive 316 stainless are cathodic and quite close on the galvanic scale
    Lead is more active and subject to galvanic corrosion in sea water when in contact with either the bronze or SS

    ( the reason that lead is the most popular anode)

    Putting an active anodic material between two closely positioned noble metals is not something that I would choose to do.

    Every SS prop shaft that I have seen has lead anodes clamped onto them to reduce corrosion of the shaft and prop as they are sacrificial to SS and Bronze

    To make up the joint, I would use a lithium based grease to ease making up the joint and then clamp a couple of lead anodes onto the shaft and call it a day
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    I haven't seen white lead for a while, place I worked at used to make up a seam compound with it, that stuff came from India..... can't remember much more about it.... was it lead we were talking about?
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    White lead is lead oxide so far as I know, formerly mainly used as a paint pigment with good opacity and anti-mould properties. Toxicity issues saw it replaced by Titanium Oxide.

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