white fiberglass sheets from Home Depot?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by mmelnick, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. mmelnick
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    mmelnick Junior Member

    Will do. And probably of the process alopng the way. I hope to dive into this sometime in the early winter.

    And thanks to everyone for all the help so far.
  2. Tim Judge
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    Tim Judge Tim J

    Looking forward to seeing the photos, it is aways nice to see someones project. Good luck with it and enjoy working on it.
  3. Tug
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  4. mydauphin
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    I was in a hurry to build a little barge for a project. So I built a square flat dingy out HD luan. It was a simple boat a 8x4x2 box with a 45 degree piece in front to help forward movement. Frame was made from 1x1 nailed together then ply attached to frame. the whole thing was reinforced with glass inside out and then covered with epoxy. I used boat to carry 20 bags of concrete for certain project I had, 2 foot side walls, and motored it from job to job with 5hp. It would actually almost plane with only one person on board. Water eventually got inside into ply and caused it go go bad but fiberglass and epoxy held up. Used it for 3 years, but was almost impossible to get out of water after 1 year. I sunk it at end of 2 year and raised it for use again for 3 year. It worked another year after proper pressure cleaning.
    Next time I build something like that I will skip the wood.
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