Which software to use for hull/interior/cnc

Discussion in 'Software' started by pablo1000, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. pablo1000
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    pablo1000 New Member

    I have this idea of a small aluminium motorboat which I would like to 'make'.
    But I really could use some help.

    Step 1: Hull design
    It is my understanding that I should (could) use DelftShip for hull design. I've tried that, and it actually works out quite well.

    Step 2: Constructing and interior parts
    In order to make the construction I need to design some parts to reinforce the hull, and some small benches, motor casing etc...
    - Which software should I use for that?

    Step 3: Plate cutting
    The final step to get something in real life, is to send 2d drawings of the required aluminium parts.
    Which software should I use for that?

    If possible, I'd like to choose easy to use software. I'm working on windows.
    Looking forward to any feedback.
  2. susheng999
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    susheng999 Junior Member

    i think that maxsurf is very good for hull design.
    you can design structure by solidworks.
    sketchup is easy for decorating.
    you can use autocad or rhino for 2d drawing.
  3. pablo1000
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    pablo1000 New Member

    That would mean 4 different expensive packages...
    Can it not be done in less packages, and perhaps less costly..?
    For example: DelftShip and Rhino?

    Does Rhino offer the option to create 2d unfolded plates from bended surfaces?
  4. pavel915
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    pavel915 Senior Member

    ya, "squish" plugin in rhino cand expand plate,,,
  5. ludesign
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    ludesign Senior Member

  6. Guest625101138

    Guest625101138 Previous Member

    You can do all you have listed with Delftship. You might need to go to Delftship pro if you want to export igs files for any CNC milled parts.

    If you import complex parts then it can get bogged down and become very slow but it will do all you want for a small boat.

    The real cost in any of these systems is the time it takes to learn it to become proficient. If you are doing boats I suggest you get proficient with Delftship. It does most of this very fast once you get used to working with surfaces.

    Delftship pro has one annoying weakness in that it does not include the cross curves function for stability analysis unless you pay for an add on. This can be done in FreeShip though.

    Rick W
  7. alidesigner
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    alidesigner Senior Member

    Is this for just 1 design or are you going into the design business?

    If it's for a one off it will probably be cheaper and faster to buy a kit.

    If you are going into business then time is money so buy the most expensive you can afford. I use MaxsurfT, WorkshopS, Inventor and a little in autocad but not much these days.
  8. valber
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    valber Naval Architect

    My two cents...
    Step 1: Hull design -> AeroHydro MultiSurf with SolidWorks Integration
    Step 2: Constructing and interior parts -> Dassault SolidWorks
    Step 3: Plate cutting -> Metalix cncKad
    Good Luck!
  9. liki
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    liki Senior Member


    how easy, accurate and possible it is in fact to accurately draft stringers, bulkheads and such in Delftship? Atleast in FreeShip it is next to impossible or atleast I have not found out a sensible way. The best possible means seem to be to insert a larger plane on a separate layer, find its intersection and then try to cut excess off the plane.

    Or is there a better way and does DelftShip Pro offer something more in this area?

    For my hobby purposes exporting the hull lines in 2D and lofting in QCad afterwards is more than adequate.

  10. Raggi_Thor
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    Raggi_Thor Nav.arch/Designer/Builder

    I am selling Rhino and Bricscad (and Alibre Design).
    You can do it all in Rhino if you like.
    Orca may be a good add on to Rhino.
    Bricscad is the best low cost alternative to AutoCAD, for 2D detailing.
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