Which rig setup / sail configuration is better?

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Which rig is better

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  1. Bermuda rig

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  2. Cutter/ketch combi

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  1. locofjok
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    locofjok New Member

    I’m currently considering to work a 40 feet Catamaran. It's suppose to be a boat with high comfort and easy handling - but also as good performance as possible.

    I'm wondering which rig and sail configuration would be better.
    I have attached a picture showing to different setups.

    Which are the advantages and disadvantages in these two setup and which one would you recommend?



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  2. fhrussell
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    fhrussell Boatbuilder

    Where's Brian Eiland?

    One question..., where and how how do you attach the backstay(s) on the aft-mast configuration?
  3. jamez
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    jamez Senior Member

    And presumably it sheets to the dinghy being towed behind :).

    Roy Chandler put a similar rig (but without the mizzen) on a bridgedeck cat based on a couple of Stilleto 30 hulls. It had a masthead roller furling genoa and a staysail on a boom. He also used a spinnaker off the wind. I've scanned the inside cover of his book which shows the rig.

    Another option you might want to consider is a masthead cutter where the mast head genoa is essentially a light weather sail and the staysail is a sort of working jib. With both of them on furlers it gives quite efficient sail handling. Examples here http://www.easycatamarans.com.au/
  4. jamez
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    jamez Senior Member

    I'll try that attachment gizmo again......

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  5. catsketcher
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    catsketcher Senior Member


    Being the designer of a folding catamaran and having a 38ft cat with a wishbone rig I am keen on innovation but I really don't see the need for the aft mast rig. The normal modern rig is very good, I prefer a small staysail for going to windward in 18knots plus when a modern cat needs slowing down to be comfortable.

    Staysails, wishbones, fully battened mains and normal rigs and the like have all been proven. Putting an aft mast rig on a 40ft cat will cost lots of money and reduce resale. If you need to do it buy a Hobie 18 and try it on that. A web poll with people who haven't used the rig is probably not the best way.

    I tend to not use the main going straight downwind and set a kite or reacher. The centre of effort of the rig is way forward and the boat is very placid to steer. Reaching or going upwind the main provides great lift and balance.


    Phil Thompson
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