Which is better? Ply or Infusion?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by El_Guero, Aug 18, 2013.

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    There are three primary areas I am interested in. If you have other considerations, bring them up.

    Strength versus weight factors?

    Cost factors? Can you increase your budget when working with Marine Ply and get the satisfactory results?

    Time to build factors? Or, ease of use factors?

    I keep reading all the difficulties people are having with infusion. It sounds like it might have several advantages over Marine Ply, except it seems more difficult to work with.

    Is that just my perception? Or, is Marine Ply easier to work with?

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    It's quite difficult to make a compassion between the two things, as one is a material, the other a process. It's a bit like making the same question about driving a car and engine rebuilding.
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    Reading what you mean between the lines, Plywood is an easier 'method' to build with if you are talking about fibreglass/epoxy over plywood building method.

    Infusion of anything over anything is a skilled process.

    It does have advantages where weight is concerned.
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    With infusion one mistake is a big mistake...the whole component is trash.

    Ply is one piece at a time..one mistake and replace the piece.
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  5. El_Guero

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    OK, that is what I needed!

    Ply is a much better product for me then. I keep reading all of these guys doing projects with infusion, and it sounds great. But, I think it is way beyond my skill set.

    Thank you,

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