Which foam for first attempt with small trimaran float build?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Vantage475T, Jul 23, 2019 at 6:38 AM.

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    Vantage475T Vantage475T

    I'm looking at botching another float on my ISO test rig and want to test out building with foam as I've only previously used stitch and glue plywood.

    I'm tooling around with shapes and have the basic shape and volume I want to test which is attached. 5m long 35cm wide at widest and 50cm tall.



    I'll knock out the stations and the strong back but I am wondering the best foam to use and the thickness?

    I've spoken with a local supplier and they are suggesting either Airex T92 or Tricast 6 which are both approx 100kg / m3 so much lighter than the ply.

    Does anyone have any thoughts which would be best to use on this?

    Also what thickness would be best on the float then on the main hull which will be 5m long and approx one metre wide?

    I'd like to use this float as a tester for getting the method worked out before I go to any great expense and effort with the main hull so any thoughts appreciated.
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    Polyurethane foam is easy to work and can be a lot cheaper. You rely on the outer glass skin and deck join, stringers etc for . Old Multi is currently on this subject. There's a couple of other threads current too on this .
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