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    Hi all,

    Please I don't want this to turn into a religious war. I would very much appreciate a few clues about chartplotters and automatic steering.

    Previously I've steered by compass with a basic handheld gps. I keep a sextant and handbearing compass on board for backup.

    I've looked at the auto steering systems and the raymarine ST1000 looks to be a good solution (it's a small boat, cat 25', coastal cruising).

    It would be nice to have electronic maps, underwater imaging (fish finder) ideally able to see forward of the bow and it would be nice to plot a course on the device and have it tell the tiller pilot to steer between those waypoints. I'd still be right there and it looks to be easy enough to override, but it would allow me to concentrate on the sails and looking out for hazards.

    I went looking but frankly it's baffling. I don't understand the differences in the charts and I don't understand the differences in the connection options.

    If someone would point me to a basic tutorial on this stuff I would be most grateful.

    I don't need to pay for fancy. It does need to be reliable.

    Thank you for reading.
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