which boat can sell better in Australian and American market ?

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by hyboats, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Frosty

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  2. whitepointer23

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    you really don't have a clue , tell us all the bad brands of aussie boats you know of.
  3. Frosty

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    Well of those still in production or have not gone bankrupt all of them are not as good in Quality as US boats.

    Riviera has a terrible reputation. If you had a clue you would know of this.
  4. tunnels

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    Back up the pair of you !!

    So before you BOTH get to carried away, DONT !!!:p
  5. Mr Efficiency
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    "An American made boat is far better than any Aus boat. "

    Hardly. I think it is fair to say in trailer boats, particularly aluminium, Australian boats are as good as any.
  6. Frosty

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    If you read the link I posted before ---here ill post it again for you Riviera. Talks of its failure and how its self admition to not being able to compete with the American builders both with currency exchange (I mentioned that) and quality (I mentioned that too)


    If you you were to google Riviera you would see a whole list of information about the company that has had trouble.

    If you googled Seawind you would find information about its bankruptcy.

    I understand the thread to be about boats. I personally would not include a trailered alluminium boat in a discussion about importing something that small and cheap.

    Amercan Mercruiser is world wide --does Auss have a similar product.
  7. Mr Efficiency
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    Geez you talk some rubbish matey, 1859 reputation points for you says something about the donkeys that awarded them to you ! Mercruiser is not a boat, last time I checked it was a boat propulsion system. So the thread is about boats, and trailer boats are boats And I am not an apologist for Riviera boats or any other brand. And I have no bloody idea what the OP is banging on about "what can sell better in Australian and American market"
  8. whitepointer23

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    frosty has fallen in love with the usa so now he has to find other people to insult. there are a lot more than 2 brands of aussie built boats you know. :rolleyes:
  9. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    With that last quote il'le leave this alone im sure the Aussie boats are good enough for you but Americans expect a little better of the fit out and quality of fittings. Perhaps a beer cooler and a fishing rod holder and a plastic seat is sufficient.

    But I dont fall in love with no one I just say how I see it--you don't have to agree. I own an Ausie boat ive paid all GST on all ancillaries even though it was to be exported in a few weeks time and even had a customs decleration of export --na mate you gotta pay tax.

    I was told no one will work on my boat today because they were surfing --oh they knew where they were but could'nt do any thing the unions would fight to re instate them . I had 3 months to get out of the country running to Kembla Harbour to apply with criteria of export in a bonded port area.

    So with the unions in charge and GST and customs not knowing arse from elbow Im am not at all surprised in Bankruptcy. Im surprised any one is left making boats at all.

    But why am I telling you,--you guys will know all about GST and foreigners claims of exported items,--all conducive to a perfect boat building environment.
  10. Ilan Voyager
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    Yes I do like the accusation...The USA has always manipulated the dollar for cancelling partially their debts. The specialty is to let slide down the dollar when having big debts to pay in view. It's called payment with monkey money.
    I agree with you, adding that with the obstination of using imperial measures, the USA closes automatically a lot of possibilities of exportation to the metric countries (the rest of the world...).
    Sadly, let add a serious loss of quality in many items as we see here in Mexico, obliged and forced customer of the USA. For cheap tools and tooling, I buy now chinese; I get what I pay and I know that, for good ones Italian and Japanese, for the very good ones German. I'm fed up with USA tools cheaply made (and often in China) but expensively sold at least in Mexico.
    In the domain of boats, the Chinese will not have hard work to make better ones than the Americans. The boats from the States I see here are third rate at best, fourth rate at worst. And "decay" at fast rate when working every day.
  11. jamesgyore
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    I could not agree more. My ultralight aircraft was powered by a very highly regarded, reliable and popular engine designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

    I was so alarmed by the sub-standard quality of documentation and packaging of my last routine service interval parts and consumables that I did a little research. The engine design and manufacturing rights were sold off to the communist Chinese.

    I took out the engine and purchased another, a Japanese HKS. I don't even have the nerve to try and sell the old engine.

    How would I advertise it? Kill yourself with a guaranteed engine failure, thanks to a rice growing communist peasant who's uncle gave him a job building aircraft engines in a big city? I don't think so.
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  12. whitepointer23

    whitepointer23 Previous Member

    most of this is a post you put up a while ago, can't work on the boat because they have gone surfing, what a load of rubbish. carrying on because you had to pay gst. why should you come to our country and not pay tax like the rest of us. unions are very quiet these days, all the union **** stirrers came from england anyway. i do not know of any union reps that don't have an english accent. incat from tassy send ferrys all over the world , austral does the same.
  13. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Oh dear, how acrimonious this discourse has got... One wonders that the sizes of penises have not been included. . . . . - Do please be sensible and realise that differences exist and there are often many sides to a discourse, particularly when international by nature... An acceptance that differences in specifications may exist (as has been pointed out) - the importing buyer may have identified a niche for a particular set of standards/price... Be prepared to look beyond your nose and accept differences for what they are - DIFFERENCES . . . some of which may not be acceptable to you, yet these may be desirable to another's aspirations/needs/desires...

    Sheesh - get a life... Overall I appreciate this thread and the discourse contained therein and learnt quite a bit by being open-minded and accepting of the views of other contributors, Thanks...
  14. rwatson
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    Huh ? They sound fine in that article

    "“We've signed off 17 new orders coming into production. On the sales front you can say it's been great. We've also had a lot of positive feedback form customers, dealers, and even competitors even - very positive feedback,” said Moxey.

    “The workforce is understanding where we need to be commercially, quality wise, and customer focused. So from that point of view, we're making changes.”

    Riviera has experienced a solid run of sales from the US with customers regaining confidence and certainty in the brand now that its in private ownership.

    “We're seeing the US being very strong. Prior to us being taken over Australia had a good run, but it's fair to say that has probably dried up.”"

  15. Frosty

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    Because im not Australian and Im not stopping . When the boat gets to my country of residence I have to pay import tax --do you think it would be good for Aus boat industry if I had to pay tax twice.

    Well of course you don't even though you dont understand export tax laws and neither does your customs. I don;t pay VAT in my own country uk if im leaving the EU and im not resident, its not complicated .

    Even Thailand has a foreign tax VAT reclamation scheme but Australia expects you to haul engines through the international lounge as hand baggage to qualify.

    Perhaps this could be contributory to Australia's boat industry demise ---you think?

    Nice country just full of Kangaroos.
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