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Discussion in 'Education' started by SnippyCardinal, Jan 6, 2021.

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    I have a dream to build my own boat one day as many of us have. Obviously that dream entails me building a 40 foot sail boat and exploring the Caribbean but like all dreams when reality sets in it’s just not possible. However I do not want and will not give up. I want to learn to build a boat. I figured I can first start by building a paddle board and then graduating to a sailing dingy and eventually a skiff. The board can be done with my zero to none skills but where can I start learning more about stringers, bulkheads, deck building, and etc. I’ve searched the whole internet and found books from the 70-90’s but unsure if the investment is worth it. All this is in mind with my eventual goal of building a 17-21 foot skiff one day.
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    The first decision is what type of boat....wood, composite, steel? They all require different skill sets. From your post I guess wood, or wood composite, so go check out the wooden boat forum
    There are many that will help you both here or there, but remember to listen...you need to learn from others mistakes and not think you know, because "boats are subtle and quick to anger" (sorry JRRT).
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    You're way ahead of a lot of people already. You didn't just pick up some old worn out derelict and think "I'm going to fix this boat up and go blue water cruising!"

    Your approach is thoughtful and IMO the correct one. Start small, acquire your skills and learn from your mistakes. You'll make a bunch, it's just part of the game. There are some very knowledgeable people on this site that will help and give you some advice. Sadly, one of the most knowledgeable and prolific contributors to this site died in 2018. His name was Paul Ricelli. He was the most helpful person on the planet, offering advice and encouragement to me as I restored my boat years ago. I'll post a link to his website that is thankfully still maintained. My suggestion is to read through it, all of it. His legacy lives on in thousands of threads on this site. Search this site for information. It's all here, you just need to look.

    PARyachts http://paryachts.blogspot.com/

    For now I'll offer this: In order to have a successful build or restoration you'll need a place to work. A small boat can be done in your back yard, larger boats will probably run afoul of your neighbors or the zoning department. While you don't need a building, you'll need a substantial structure that will survive storms and wind. You'll need room to work around your boat and room for tools, staging and materials storage. You'll want a secure area. You'll need power, water, probably heat and a bathroom of some sort nearby. All this needs planning before you even start to build a support frame for your boat. It all costs money.

    I'll post one more link to a thread that I started some time ago that documented what it cost to do my restoration of a relatively small cruiser. I'm not trying to scare anyone but you might find it informative.

    Want to know how much a restoration might cost you? Read on..... https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/want-to-know-how-much-a-restoration-might-cost-you-read-on.62104/#post-852075

    Keep doing your research. If you decide to go forward you'll get a lot of help here.

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    Thanks for the direction everyone I will look into all your input. Good to see how open and helpful everyone is

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