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Discussion in 'Education' started by vettefreak90, Jan 16, 2010.

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    I've been interested in building sailboats for a long time now. I'm finally doing something about it and enlisting in the coast guard this summer. When I go in to talk to the recruiter, I'm going to ask him about the path to becoming a boatswain's mate. Anyway, after my tour of duty is over, I'm going to take the prestige and experience of being in the service, and the GI Bill, of course, and apply it to this.

    So now here's the point of the thread: Am I making the right decision with the coast guard? And if so, what exactly should I do after that?
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    Absolutely, you are making the right decision in joining but "After that" is a long time from now and I am not sure if the GI Bill will help with tuition at a sailboat building school but, particularly in this economy, you could do no better than the path you are on!
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    Sure sounds like a good start to your life....enjoy it.
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    Thanks for the affirmation. I've been a little unsure whether I was doing the right thing concerning this career (joining the service is never the "wrong" thing). It's just been kind of difficult to find good information on the topic. There's that school in Maine, but overall, I really don't know.
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    I think this is a great idea you have gotten in your head...My brother was in the air force for five years ..done alot in fire/rescue and is now trying to get year-round employment with The Nature Conservancy" as a fire/ecology tech. He told me recently that if he did it all again he would have gone into the Coastguard instead of the USAF. I have found myself wishing I had too on several occasions.The USCG has a long and proud history...there was a good book on the history of the CG that came out 7-8 years ago...dont recall the author but should be easy to find since it was the kind of well-written, up-to-present and historical work that good county libraries like to carry these days. Good luck and go for it...
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