where to get plans for van der stadt

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by lorri, Sep 14, 2007.

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    Hi does anyone know where we can see a copy of the plans of the splinter we have,john wants to see how it was built without all the changes that have been made over the years.
    Cheers Lorri
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    Hi Lorri,
    I've got a 30 ft Van De Stadt Seahorse. Luckily I got the original plans with mine.
    You may want to look into the Van De Stadt book that is available from their website and elsewhere
    though I have no idea if they have anything on your design.
    All they have on mine is the study plans on the CD (which having the full plans already didn't really entice me into spending up big on the book).

    I was searching for information a while back about mine, and came up with very very little. Van De Stadt themselves appear to offer little or no support or info of their older designs- nor apparantly does any of their team answer any repeated emails about them (in my experience unfortunately).

    You may want to try contacting them though, and hopefully you have better luck.

    Would like to see a picture of you boat if you have one yet, and good luck with the repair.


  4. lorri
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    Thanks for your replies,I have tried going to the sites you have put on ,but tthe page will not open when I go to them.There doesn't seem to be much about the boat on the net as you say.I am putting a couple of photo's on ,hope they work out ok.John has got to fiberglass the whole hull,and extra on where the crack is.Inside needs doing as well but on the whole it's not too bad.Wish there was a quick and easy way to get that old fiberglass and antifouling off. A couple of the ribs need replacing and the others need their screws tightning up,needs painting inside and a new stovein,but was going to get a bbq one so no need to spend big money as we are on a budget.
    THe boat itself cost only $1500 so even with the work doing I think it is still good.Going to pick up a cheap secondhand outboard,6-9hp,and we will be off.By the way I don't know a thing about sailing or boats other than the left is the port side.
    Cheers Lorri
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