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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by woodymr, May 1, 2010.

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    As I sand the forward bulkhead to install another 1/2" bulkhead next it for strength for the innerforestay I become literary, thinking and writing in my head, maybe I should let it out! I can't help but think of the folks in the boat yard betting on wether the "new" guy will fail or go bust, like so many others with the "dream" they've seen come and go. Of what made me make this decision in the first place; am I out of my league to think that I can pull this boat restoration off? I remind myself of the lesson in patience and it's worth alone as a benefit, I have nothing else in life that motivates me as much as this dream. I think of all the "salvage" stuff that I'm re-moving, does anyone need dust! Will I ever get rid of all of it! I live with it, I sleep with it, I am it! I keep the vacuum going all the time now out of paranoia. I am getting great at cheering myself up. becoming my own comedian, entertaining myself as I strap on t he face mask, I'm going in.... to the forepeak that is, I gave up on sanding with palm-sander, hand sanding!, I now am using a angle grinder with 60 grit paper to get a good bite on fiberglassing the bulkhead to the hull and to the existing bulkhead, will have a watertight compartment as I learn from James Baldwin to seek the "un-sinkable" boat. I am a dreamer, but! I have realized that dreams are merely premonitions of the possible future should we choose to follow them, then they become reality. It's magic to witness it work. That alone cheers me up, keeps my altitude right, keeps me going...... keeps me dreaming. Back to work...Aloha
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    You might be better off using 36 grit discs to prepare the hull surface for glassing a bulkhead to.... And good luck! Patience and perseverance are the keys as well as a good attitude -which you seem to have.
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    Woody , may I call you that? Workers in the boat yard are not famous for encouraging do it yourselfers. For one thing, it is not in their best interests to do so. Another thing is that they have seen all too many klutzy folks screw up a perfectly good boat. It is in your best interests to ignore their initial derision and hustle them a little bit. A few beers, a pleasant smile, a show of respect for their knowledge and experience is good salesmanship. They can be very helpful or they can be shitheads depending on how well you handle them. Be certain that they never suspect that they are being handled. Actually, depending on where you are, there are some really good guys in those yards. Treat them well when you find them.

    There are really good craftsmen and there are those who are not so good. My daughter, who is an exceptional craftslady, says that "if she sends her husband to fetch a hammer, he will bring her a screwdriver". These are the dudes the yard guys remember so well. Let us say that you are a good to excellent workman. If that is the case, then you can do anything that needs to be done, perhaps short of composing a classical piano concerto. You write well, and you are evidently a thinker and philosopher. I say hang in there and do your stuff. Whatever you do on a boat will take way longer and cost more than you imagined. Let that not deter you.

    P.S. There are some pretty good and very smart people on the forum who are usually pleased to help.
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    If you feel the urge to increase the bulkhead by 1/2", then do so that the new one is epoxy glued intimately to the old one, and then glass in the sides as per the original, tapering the overlaps so as to create a nice strong bond. Do it all in epoxy resin.
    I would not likely grind out the old tabbing, simply grind down the new ply (with the 36grit floppy) so that it is tapered to suit the original job.

    You MUST remove any flo/gelcoat that is there for the new work, just remove all the colouring till it is clear resin you see.
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    woodymr sailwoody

    Thanks for good advice

    I had fun being literary there and am enjoying doing the work on the boat. I find a lot of help on this site from folks like you, thanks again and Best Wishes Will be tackling closing up all "window" cut-outs for installation of smaller better portlights when the first fiberglass job is completed. Yee-Hi!

  7. woodymr
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    woodymr sailwoody

    Many thanks for the kind words of encouragement!
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