Where can I get GOOD INFUSION EPOXY? :)

Discussion in 'Materials' started by CatBuilder, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. CatBuilder

    CatBuilder Previous Member

    Like the cheap epoxy thread, but I'm looking for suggestions on your favorite infusion epoxy.

    What infusion epoxy can I get that has my dream characteristics, or close to it?

    1) No Post Curing Required
    2) 2:1 or other simple mix ratio
    3) Flows like water
    4) Plenty of open time

    Any suggestions on the best infusion epoxy out there?
  2. KnottyBuoyz
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  3. Herman
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    Herman Senior Member

    From the Ebay ad:

    In other words: Without heat, it cures into a very brittle state.

    Non-post-cure long open time epoxy is something that is about non-possible to formulate. (at least, if you want a decent Tg)

    I suggest you develop something to easily postcure. Use the sun, and your imagination.
  4. CatBuilder

    CatBuilder Previous Member

    Thanks, guys.

    Herman, I figured you would know the answer and you did. There is no such thing as long open time, no post cure epoxy... I was thinking this, but needed to confirm it. I suppose I'll have to rent heaters and blast the whole boat next summer at one time.

    Will probably go with MAS.
  5. Deering
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    How about getting the slowest curing hardener you can find, then heat the mix up to maybe 120 deg F right before infusing so it runs like water. Depending on the piece you're infusing, maybe you can get it in place before the mix kicks? I've used that trick in other applications, but never tried it infusing.
  6. pauloman
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    folks I know use Basic No Blush marine epoxy with the slow summer curing agent. Which it was a bit thinner, but seems to work from what I've heard. $96 for 1.5 gallon kits.
  7. CatBuilder

    CatBuilder Previous Member

    That definitely wouldn't work. I need a 2 hour open time or so. It's already 103F right now where I'm infusing, so I don't think heating epoxy is an issue here.
  8. Herman
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    There is a couple of things that are important:

    -Tg (for exterior use you want a high Tg epoxy)
    -viscosity at working temperature
    -geltime at working temperature. Preferably 2 figures: 100 gram batch and 1 kg batch. (sorry, I am not handy in imperial)
  9. CatBuilder

    CatBuilder Previous Member

    Yes! I found out about the larger batch times today when I tried an infusion without the correct materials.

    I tried infusing a small rudder part about the size of a boomerang.

    I used cheap plastic from the hardware store. I used a sticky tape from the hardware store that actually worked well, though it's more expensive than real bag tape.

    I had some holes in the bag (should have known when it didn't hold a good vacuum, but I got impatient and wanted to try it). It is very exciting. :)

    Anyway, I mixed up my epoxy (standard hand laminating epoxy) and started the infusion. As soon as the epoxy starting making its way up the boomerang size part, I saw a stream of bubbles going through as well. I tried to close it off, but the leak could not be found before the epoxy kicked off in the supply bucket (small cup, actually).

    So, the first infusion is a failure, due to lack of patience and lack of proper materials.

    I think I must order my real materials before I can "practice" any more.

    Thank you, for that input Herman. I will seek those numbers. I do know that the MAS infusion epoxy I was looking at using has a better Tg than even the hand laminating epoxy from System Three I had been using all along. However, it does require a post cure.
  10. waikikin
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    It's a good thing to make mistakes on small & practice parts- good lessons in that, my first infusions where with the lab tech at FGI, who I think deliberatly set some up for that purpose. Regards from Jeff.
  11. Sand crab
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    Cool it

    My buddy keeps the stuff in the fridge. He claims it gives him about 25 to 50% more working time. Depending on well.... everything. BOB

  12. CatBuilder

    CatBuilder Previous Member

    Couple pictures of successful infusion using 100% Home Depot junk. It's just fine for small parts, such as this rudder section:

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