Where can i get a 90degree gear box from?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by 10571z, Jan 21, 2009.

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    Hey im looking at making a homemade outboard and need a 90degree gearbox asap. Im from australia so any shops around? Even taking it off something else?
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    i,ll humour you, rather than drag this edifice through the water, go to an outboard wrecker, and buy bottom half
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    Off the shelf right angle drives are usually set up for multi-point connections so have a lot of flanging that really needs to be trimmed to operate under water.

    I have used a couple under water for long periods in fresh water without problems. If you ae careful with painting and possible cathodic protection they should be OK in salt water if you get a stainless shaft.

    You can get boxes in Australia from TEA:
    You need to register to download the box data. You can get hollow shafts that would take a stainless shaft but to my knowledge TEA do not offer a stainless shaft.

    I regard Mitrpak as the best value:
    They have stainless shaft and they might be shipping to Australia now.

    I am working with Mitrpak to build a pedal powered drive leg and I suggested they remove the top seal from the bottom box and we fill the leg with oil so the box has positive oil pressure. I suggest you consider the same thing if you use one of these boxes.

    Transmission Australia are located in Rowville and will retail products. I have found them very helpful. They used to supply a box similar to the TEA ZP range. These have very high strength materials and good power rating for size.

    If you are after high torque rating you could pay a lot of money. The Mitrpak site has pricing.

    Rick W

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    I am doing the exact same thing you are. I took a 90* gearbox out of a self propelled lawnmower. It will be in the very front of the lawnmower.
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