Where can I get 3 piece sculling oars made?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Rohit, Oct 27, 2021.

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    I'm trying to procure the equivalent of Alden Oarmaster I's 9'9" hollow shaft wooden macon sculling oars, but that can be taken apart in 3 pieces with no piece more than 52" in length for easy transportation via taxi and flight.

    I've contacted a bunch of handmade oar manufacturers but haven't found anyone interested in making these. Any idea who I could contact?

    I'm in Singapore but will be visiting Seattle on Nov 20th so if something can be be done by then delivered to that location that would be ideal, someone willing to ship internationally would be the next best.

    Something like this https://www.oarboard.com/product/two-part-carbon-fiber-sculling-oars/ but in 3 parts, wooden or carbon fiber. Maybe it's as simple as someone buying a used pair of Alden's wooden oars cutting it into 3 pieces and then adding some connecting pieces? Not sure if that causes balance issues, but it's only for recreational use.

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    Bending Branches in Wisconsin may show some interest in your project, but you'd need to contact their management. And you may need to provide them with the original and you may need to make it into a four piece.
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