Where can I find a jet unit?

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by shawnadele, Jul 1, 2007.

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    shawnadele New Member

    I want to install a lower jet unit on my 1989 40hp Mercury classic, 3cyl. Ser # OC281745. Motor has 100 hrs and is a dependable one. I hear there are aftermarket jet units for all outboards. I cannot seem to find a place. Help would be appreciated. Will this outboard take a jet?
  2. Ike
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    There used to be jet units on the aftermarket, but in the late 90's Yamaha Outboards started making their own outboard jet and soon after, all the other outboard manufacturers followed suit. You may be able to get a lower unit directly from Mercury.

    I don't know if anyone makes aftermarket units anymore. Maybe some one else here knows.
  3. ondarvr
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    All jet units for outboards are after market items, although manufacturers do buy them and install them on some motors. There's only one company that makes them, just google "Outboard Jets".

    Any dealer can get you one.
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