When does a Boat become a Yacht?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by monrosm@shrewsb, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. monrosm@shrewsb
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    Im trying to put a length value or some other classification as to when a 'Boat' is suitable to be called a Yacht.

    Any ideas?
  2. alan white
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    The definition is in the dictionary. Whatever anyone says here, it is probably going to be a subjective definition. A subjective definition is always right, but different from the last one.
    My definition: A pleasure boat with at least over-nighting accomodations in a cabin, which is self-sufficient for several days or more of cruising.
  3. Poida
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    You will probably find that a boat is a boat. Some boats may be sailing vessels some may be yachts, some may be dingys and some may be ships.

    I think (and probably incorrectly) that a boat is a term that describes anything that floats. As apposed to a sunken boat that describes anything that didn't.

  4. PAR
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    When you have to ask, you don't own one . . .
  5. daiquiri
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    Historically, the word "Yacht" can be traced back to the dutch "yaght" (some spell it "jaght" - maybe CDK or Yipster could tell us which one is correct) sailboats.
    One yaght in particular, called Mary, was built in 1660 for Dutch East India Company, but was given as gift to King Charles II, who was then in exile in Breda, Netherlands:


    The King was happy with the boat and has often used it for leisure. It was such a new thing for England (both for it's form and for the unusual function) in those years that it soon became a status symbol for the nobility, who started commissioning similar boats because, as we know, everybody wants to be a King... And so the dutch word "Yaght" soon became the british "yacht".

    So, having in mind this short story, I believe that a boat or a ship becomes a yacht when it is built and used for leisure. Or maybe we could say that a yacht is a yacht not just by design, but also by the way it is used. :)

  6. messabout
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    The word yacht has many meanings,each of which is determined by the context in which it is used. The IYRU defines a yacht as just about any boat that sails, including small ones such as the 14 foot Sunfish. In general use by the public, the term yacht is taken to mean a boat of such size and excellence (and of course cost) that it is beyond the means of ordinary people.

    You have asked a question for which I believe there is no definitive answer.
  7. Submarine Tom

    Submarine Tom Previous Member

    When the owner decides it is.

  8. viking north
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    viking north VINLAND

    Havent you been reading my quote at the bottom of my posts, well i guess not or you wouldn't have started this thread OR maybe it started you thinking, is this for real? What no status or class distinction associated with it at all. :)
    Well not really because: A Yacht is not defined by the vessel, but by the care and love of her owner----- Geo.
  9. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    The modern approach is what the insurance companies think, which has been standardized around 27' for a long time. Yacht denotes pleasure boat, while boat could be anything, smaller the a ship, though not necessarily involving pleasure, such as a U-Boat or a shrimp boat.
  10. BATAAN
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    To me, yacht has always meant a vessel built for purely pleasure, usually for someone with money, as opposed to a working boat.
  11. rxcomposite
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    A yacht is a big piggybank with slotted hole that goes directly to the bottom of the sea.
  12. yipster
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    yipster designer

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yacht and in dutch and http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacht_(scheepstype)
    from the dutch site the first lines read: after the eighty year war with spain a jacht develloped to a comfortable vehicle
    in the 17e and 18e century is was used for transporting messages and high placed officials by the navy, civil yachts were called play yachts
    later all shiptypes even fast workships with nice lines and boats with bigger saloons were called yachts
    my old 27 searay sundancer had a uscg yacht certificate plate next to the cabin door but although it had headroom,
    two double beds, galley with hot and cold, head and shower, i always thought 9 meter was a bit marginal for a "yacht"

    who long ago started calling a boat or ship a jacht`witch translates to "hunt" in englisch remains a mistery to me..
  13. anthony goodson
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    First invoice ,when you've chosen the wrong boatyard,
  14. viking north
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    viking north VINLAND

    In that case it becomes less of a yacht and more of an asset (90/10 division of spoils)when the wife files for a divorse.

  15. wardd
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    one step up from what you can afford is a yacht
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