What's your experience with power fairing boards?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by CatBuilder, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. mydauphin
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    It is a good thread, I use aluminum or plexiglass for battens. But i use a trick for large deep areas, I used a notch trowel. Less material to build and sand until shape is right. :cool:Then after it is right, I cover notches will light filler, sand, and cover with a layer of liquid.
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    We have special blades with or without wooden stiffeners/handgrips but this is great suggestion. I'll have this please:) Often been away on repair jobs and not been able to find anything nearby to hand...but the idea of using ruler is great idea. As you said it is stiff enough yet flexible enough. Expensive but hey, the customer would be paying whatever. Thanks for the tip. ps what do you own one for Don't you just borrow one from carpenter; "can I borrow this please? I'll bring it back...":)
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    I found some pics of "fairing"..... kinda glad I don't do much anymore. These are unrelated to "power fairing boards" but .............

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  4. CatBuilder

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    Whoever suggested the metal meter/yard stick as a batten to spread bog is a genius! We did that yesterday and got the keel area of a hull done to the point of not even needing a long board in one step! Thank you.

    EDIT: Now that I am on the computer instead of the phone, I see it was MyDauphin. Thank you, MyDauphin. You saved me many hours of work and a lot of money. Excellent advice on the fairing batten to spread bog with.
  5. tunnels

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    You have a lot to catch to up on my friend !! .To protect the ruler can use packaging tap and cover the rule from about 5mm away from the edge up and over and same on the other side ! at the end of the job just peel and its almost like new still ! .
    As you say done nicely you can see the results for yourself !! been doing it for years !! . :D:p

    Using a trowel with teeth and then sanding and filling is making a simple job hard and long and is real home handy man stuff .
  6. CatBuilder

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    Na, I'm an "on the water" marine professional. I'm hiring out the fairing and painting now, so I can get back to work. :)
  7. AlphaMarineltd
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    If you need the help

    If you need a small or large team to get stuck in and turn out top quality work quickly, send me some details via email cheers

  8. CatBuilder

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    If you can beat $36USD/hr for a 3 man crew that already now has the primer done on the 70 foot power boat mentioned earlier in the thread, I'm all ears.

    (It's 1 week since they started on that boat - they are already up to primer done)
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