What's with the garish colours on power cats?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by heseltib, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. heseltib
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    heseltib Junior Member

    Is it just me or are the colour and graphic choices that are seen in the power-cat brochures absolutely hideous? I have been studying this area and I am just amazed at how unsightly and 'chavvy' these boats look. This is such a shame because the performance characteristics are very good and it would seem that a lot of work has gone into the engineering.

    It may be that the companies have decided that this is what their target market wants, but why do the car companies differ so? Is it not the same market that could and possibly would buy anything from an Audi TT to a Ferrari F430 or Maserati Gran Turismo, all very refined designs with not nearly as garish colour choices? Even the racing liveries are more 'tasteful'.

    If you would like to see some examples of the sort of boats I am talking about, please visit any of these sites:
    http://www.essexboats.com/graphics.htm (not a cat, but in the same league)

    Feel free to add your own links, I would love to know what you think, especially if you have bought one or are thinking of buying one. (You may even make me eat my words!)
  2. eponodyne
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    eponodyne Senior Member

    What I think is that the people who buy these are quite simply aesthetically challenged. Seriously. There is something about the love of speed that coincides with a love of noise and a love of the garish. Personally, I equate it with diminished mental capability, but I write this under the prospect of correction.
  3. Butch .H
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    Butch .H Senior Member

    Cats suck big time:D :D power and sail!
  4. heseltib
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    heseltib Junior Member

    Eponodyne, I couldn't agree more with how it seems. But do you think that boat design is maybe 10 years behind the car industry? Let me qualify that. Let's take a car that was considered fast in the 90's like the Lamborghini Diablo. That was often found in all matter of garish colours, bright metallic orange with blue graphics for instance, and people would have considered that normal. Now, if you look at the Diablo's replacement, the colour range is far more subtle (even the engine isnt too loud when travelling at low revs). Do you think that this transition is waiting to happen in the power cat community?

    Having written that, I remembered that boats like the Porsche designed Fearless and the XSR4 are out there and are rivals to the power cats for speed and fun.

    But I would still be interested if anyone likes them or even doesnt mind them.

    And thanks for the extremely constructive comment, Butch .H!! Ha.

  5. jehardiman
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    jehardiman Senior Member

    Remember, no one "needs" a power cat just like no one "needs" a 200+ MPH car. It is just conspicious consumption in an attempt to compensate, with obviousness, that something else may be "lacking" in the mate attracting arena. Notice the mateing plumage in most male birds.... then look at the buyer demographic vs paint schemes on most vehicles.
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