whats it cost to park

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Boston, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. gonzo
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    I am in Milwaukee, where it is still possible to sink a mooring and register it for life for $35.00.
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    Where the water turns hard in the winter and the native girls wear mukluks (sic?) instead of bikinis. :p

    Sorry, Gonz. I'm just funnin' ya. Hope it was PC.
  3. Boston

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    kinda in the wrong direction there Gonzo but speaking of wrong direction I bet a lot of folks who hang in the Bahamas summer on the loop, maybe not as far up as Milwaukee but $35 is cheap cheap cheap
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    bernd1972 Holzwurm

    Gonzo, you´re lucky with that.
  5. Manie B
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    Guys what about the bottom end of Texas
    from what I have read it seems OK?
    Seems to be away from the crowds?

    Surely it cant be blood money here?

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  6. Boston

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    bring a shot gun. A big dog, and lot of ammo
  7. LP
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    LP Flying Boatman

    Here is a spot that is a little closer to civilization. It's midway between Galveston and Corpus Christi.

    I think all you need is the dog.:p

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  8. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    cool, whats "dockage" cost over there

    I kinda liked "park" but apparently :cool:
  9. MatthewDS
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  10. Chuck Losness
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    Mexico can be pretty economical. All the crime you read about in the USA is concentrated along the border. Primarily in Texas by Juarez. The yachties are pretty much left alone and all the people I know on boats and ashore feel safer here than in the USA. I rarely lock my boat and have never had anything stolen off the boat. Leave the shotgun and ammo home but bring the big dog if you must.
    The bare minimum that you can live on down here is about 3,000 pesos ($250 dollars) per month per person. But it is not much of a life and would not cover any boat maintenance. 4000 to 5000 pesos per month per person is very doable. Can't eat out much, minor alcohol consumption and no marinas. Can do minor boat maintenance like oil changes and minor repairs. You have to do everything yourself. Can't hire people to do much of anything. I have lived in Mexico for the last several years on 4000 pesos per month. This is primarily living expenses and does not include major boat repairs, haul outs, or insurance, etc.
    You can anchor for free in lots of places. Other places have a nominal fee of around $1 dollar per day to anchor. This fee goes up dramatically for larger boats because it is based on tonnage. Most cruising boats fall in the $1 per day rate. Staying in a marina typically costs from $12 to $18 US dollars per foot per month, i.e. $500 to $750 per month for a 40 foot boat. Of course there is always Cabo San Lucas for the high rollers where last I heard it was around $4,000 US dollars per month for a 40 foot boat.
    Water is readily available. I use water filters to filter most of the water I drink as it goes in the tank. Some places on Baja you can drink the water out of the tap with no problems. No need for a water maker except for convenience.
    I could go on but I think that you get the picture. If you are careful you can live fairly inexpensively in Mexico. By the same token you can spend tons of money also. It is all up to you and your chosen lifestyle.
  11. philSweet
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    Hi Boston. I lived for ten years in Key Largo at a trailer park. $500/mo got me a huge RV site on high ground (37' rig, two cars, motor bike, couple of sheds, a garden, a boat on a trailer, a couple canoes and kayaks, and still room to swing a cat. Option on wet slips- $55-$75/mo depending on draft (up to five feet). Sometimes I had three at once when projects came up. That was cheap living. My boat is on the hook in Beaufort, SC. now. Cost of ownership running about $1000/yr. Spend more on gas driving there and back. There are precious few places left with free Anchorage, free dingy dock, free water, $1 shower, good cheap parking (50$/mo beside the dingy dock, or pay the meter). Many places have rules that allow the locals to toss you out, but many are also rather selectively enforced. If you stay on your best behavior and get to know the locals, there are still places to snug into. There's also a good many opportunities to tend mooring fields during peak season. Kind of a volunteer job. Can fix the odd dingy motor for cash. It can be done.
  12. LP
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    Hi, Boston.

    I'm not sure if your question was directed my way, but here is the website for Port Lavaca's marina. . . .


    The rates link is on the left side of the page.
  13. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

  14. Boston

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    No worries Richard, I wouldn't even remotely consider Texas as a base of operations

    now we are talking,., Ok if I'm reading that right a 38 would cost me about $75 a month. Damn thats cheap

    I should Google marina's up there and figure out what "dockage" costs at the various marina's, its availability as well as winter storage. I'm likely to winter in CO. for a while till things get rolling up there enough to fund some travels

    If its that cheap ( fingers crossed ) I'd be inclined to buy a slip. Rather than rent.
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