whats it cost to park

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  1. Boston

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    as I work up a financial plan to retire back onto the water with a live aboard as a home I have to wonder

    whats it cost to park ?

    its been a really long time since I was on the water and even then we had our own dock ( ah those were the days )
    ill be a vagabond once I take to the water again that old dock being long gone and I being the wandering type
    I gotta wonder what I can expect to be paying to park in various places
    dock fee's ?


    whats it cost to park where you are ?
  2. Guest62110524

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    the cheapest on the East coast here is 27 a day, in Gladstone for 50 footer, here where I am 40 or so, it is ridiculous esp as there is no place much to sling a hook, the discount for monthly is not much at all
    It would seem tp me, that livaboard is no longer a cheap option Spose could be classed as such IF you invested the dough you had in a house,
    there are a lot of new marinas sprouting up aimed at fleecing anuone, Turkey used to be cheap, now it is not
    Europe is ok
    you can also tie to the bank or anchor in most rivers , gratis
    seems I was out jus look at this robbery http://www.mooloolabamarina.com.au/rates.htm
    10m mono 33ft
    with liveaboard $36
    $36 $202
    $202 $647
    $817 $1,746.90
    $2,257.20 $2329.20
    12m mono 40ft
    with liveaboard $43
    $43 $241
    $241 $771
    $941 $2,082.60
    $2,592.90 $2776.80
    15m mono 50ft
    with liveaboard $54
    $54 $302
    $302 $966
    $1,136 $2,608.20
    $3,118.50 $3477.60
    17m mono 55ft
    with liveaboard $61
    $61 $342
    $342 $1,095
    $1,265 $2,956.50
    $3,466.80 $3942
    18m mono 60ft
    with liveaboard $65
    $65 $364
    $364 $1,165
    $1,335 $3,145.50
    $3,655.80 $4194
    10m multi 33ft
    with liveaboard $38
    $38 $213
    $850 $1,836
    $2,346 $2448
    12m multi 40ft
    with liveaboard $46
    $46 $258
    $258 $824
    $994 $2,225
    $2,735 $2966.65
    14m multi 47ft
    with liveaboard $53
    $53 $297
    $297 $950
    $1,120 $2,565
    $3,075.20 $3420
    15m multi 50ft
    with liveaboard $57
    $57 $319
    $319 $1,021
    $1,191 $2,757.60
    $3,267.90 $3676.80
    16m multi 53ft
    with liveaboard $61
    $61 $342
    $342 $1,093
    $1,263 $2,951
    $3,461 $3934.65
    17m multi 57ft
    with liveaboard $65
    $65 $364
    $364 $1,164
    $1,334 $3,142.80
    $3,653.10 $4190.40
    18m multi 60ft
    with liveaboard $68
    $68 $380
    $380 $1,219
    $1,389 $3,291.30
    $3,801.60 $4388.40
  3. Boston

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    kinda makes me just want to find a nice inlet somewhere and park in the boonies
  4. Guest62110524

    Guest62110524 Previous Member

    my dear chap,, yes you can still go (bush) but the world shrinks
    Wa Oregon, ok
  5. Timothy
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    Timothy Senior Member

    I pay $1200.00 Canadian for 7 months winter storage for 45 feet. Price includes haul out in fall and back in in the spring ,storage for my Boston whaler and sailing dingy , as well as dockage with thirty amps for a few days. I cruise Georgian bay all summer and anchor for free. In the winter I fly to Thailand and rent a beautiful house next to my windsurfing club for less than a room in a flea bag hotel in Toronto. If you are retired have a boat but a limited income you might consider a similar arrangement.

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  6. Frosty

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    Boston,--I think Timothy has got something there.

    Where is your windsurfing club Tomothy?
  7. apex1

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    Plan your trip proper, that saves you a hell of a lot of money!

    In 9 years of circumnavigating I stayed 4 or 5 times in a marina for more than just bunkering.

    Try to stay in old ports in small towns, instead of marinas. Almost all over the world that is free. (except for several ports in the Med, but even there its cheaper than a Marina)
    And the old ports are nearly always in the town center! The marinas far away!!
    You will not have el. and water supply as in a marina, thats the drawback.
    (though some city ports in the Baltic have even a shore power supply)

    The cheapest marinas (I think worldwide) are in the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia.

    EDIT: this marina charges 4.400€ per annum for a 28 meter berth (boatlength +5 m berthed side to!!!!!), Electricity, garbage, water, included.

    You can expect to get rather good hints, advice from the local tugboat or pilot boat crew, just so, in a nice conversation with pro´s!
    Not the all so common drivel of the sailing community in the marina club!
    At the end you will notice the same effect as I. The fuel cost over 9 years and more than 100.000 nm was not above the amount we saved in staying out of marinas! And that was valid for a 50 meter yacht with 3400 hp installed.
    You may figure what it can mean for a 16 meter sailing boat.

  8. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    I pay nearly $6,000 for a covered slip, but it's 150 miles up a creek before I can get out to the ocean again, so these rates are very low. A good water maker and big set of anchors is the best bet.
  9. Tad
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    Tad Boat Designer

    We pay $5.00 CAD per foot/per month for Ratty (20') for a 12 month contract, no living aboard, no power on the dock, very limited draft (24" max). Other marinas in the bay charge $6-7.00 per foot/per month for year round (not really available) or a 6 month winter contract. Living aboard is not charged for or noticed. Power is $25 per month. Sumner overnight is $1.30 per foot, plus tax, plus power, plus garbage, etc.

    Further south in Victoria you will pay $11 per foot/per month for year round plus $85/month for living aboard, plus power, garbage, taxes, etc.

    Our big boat is anchored out, for which privilege we pay federal and provincial income taxes, GST, PST, etc......
  10. Timothy
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    Timothy Senior Member

    Frosty . I am at Amara's club In Na Jomtien( about 20 klicks south of Pattaya. I think its probably the only place in the world where you can look out to see women with their children digging for clams. multi colored kites flying high above windsurfer sails, tropical islands in the distance , and in the fore ground a traditionally garbed Thai astride an elephant ambling along the beech. Last week they just opened a high end restarunt " The View" which is going to change things but nothing ever remains the same. If you happen to be in the area drop by and ask for Tim. I will buy you a drink and you can use my board and rig to go for a sail.
  11. Kay9
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    Kay9 1600T Master

    $1600 a year for 65' in Florence OR.

  12. Boston

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    well after nearly two years of pondering planing and learning what I can this, one of the shortest threads I ever started is turning out to be the key question. I could build a pretty comfortable boat. But parking it, now thats the expensive part. That and bottom paint. I'm thinking that at these rates it might be best if I consider a nice cheap piece of oceanfront somewhere there's protected waters.

    Anyone up in the Ketchikan area ?
  13. Manie B
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    Manie B Senior Member

    Interesting thread

    I read once about a couple doing the great loop, from what I can remember that was pretty cheap (read 2 years ago?) but they did not go to marinas or restaurants. Very self sufficient and independant. I seem to think that they were on that trip for 3 years?

    Boston just to help? I have a little voice that say's it could be done if you are prepared to go back to basics

  14. Manie B
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    Manie B Senior Member

    You see this is where the problems start

    besides the fact that I hate those environments AND cant afford it - this also sums it up nicely

    go cheap - go away from the "sheep" - go DIY

  15. bernd1972
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    Well, concerning Sonwik Marina, over here at the german baltic coast it´s not so easy to find a place in a public port for cheaper than their prices. Next is that anchoring out is quite lonely and if you spend half a year in the baltic you could have seen most interesting places if you spend your time cruising. If you decide to stay in one port for as longer time and just live aboard marinas are the way to go over here. A permanent mooring could be an option in a few places, but thier number is very limited.
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