What's a 1986 42" Harley worth?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Naplesguy, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. Naplesguy
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    Naplesguy New Member

    In my business dealings, I've come across a customer who wants to sell his 42" Harley. Says only 350 hours, great shape, (it does look good). What should I be looking for as indications of value and shape??
  2. gonzo
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    With 2-330HP diesels: $68.5-77.5K with 2-400HP gas $66.7-75.5K. This does not include any extra accesories.
  3. Naplesguy
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    Naplesguy New Member

    It has 330 HP. Says will sell for 50K.

  4. pizzacutter
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    harley 42

    be careful to check out the structural integrity of the vessel. i can tell you from experiene that you will likely have to change out the merlin's soon, they are just too finicky to keep running, parts are scarce and expensive. getting new engines is easy, several Cat or Yanmar applications will work nicely and there are numerous mechanics who can do the job (does it have arneson drives? if so the model # is very important). However the vessel is likely in need of structural & fiberglass upgrades which can be costly, very time consuming, and finding someone who can do the job start/fininsh can be mind boggling. My son and I have a 1987 42' that we bought in 1990 (17 years of ownership) and we have made enough upgrades to be able to use it alot (5,000 hours total) but the man hours and $$ invested are huge. Depending on your use & boating experience it can be a great boat, fun to use, practical and economical, but beware of the time and $$ money needed to whip it into shape for your desired use.
    good luck, post some photos if you get close to buying it
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