What Type of Material for a Boat Build?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Rollbar, Jul 21, 2020.

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    I wonder what the adhesive used, between the honeycomb and the metal, is, but joining the panels, would seem to be a problem.
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    I would guess they were welded. Hard for us mere mortals, but specifically built factory equipment could do it.
    10mm panels could probably make the bends required in a flat bottomed john boat.

    Yeah, from them. There must be other sources, maybe scraps from a shipyard.

    You can also get aluminum honeycomb without the sandwich panels and use that as your core.

    Just trying to think outside the wooden box a little.

    -Will (Dragonfly)
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    Bend/flex easier and lighter . These are all the best attributes of plywood.
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    Aluminum honeycomb that has no other materials on the surface can be bent or shaped, permanently.
    However it takes some tooling to get it right, and it is difficult to make a complex curve.
    Epoxy will stick, but most panels are made with an adhesive and a pre-cured skins. Difficult to get them to match.

    Aluminum honeycomb is famous for sucking up moisture and getting solid water inside, leading to corrosion.
    And that's in the relatively dry aerospace situation.
    There is a variation in the materials used which will affect corrosion. The article doesn't even mention type of aluminum.

    The joints internal to the aluminum is usually some resin. Welding is reserved for Ti core.

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    If you don't like wood use plans developed for other materials. Solid fiberglass, cored fiberglass, aluminium, steel, HDPE, ferrocement, all are possible.
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