What the heck is it?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Shorte5961, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Shorte5961
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    Shorte5961 New Member

    K guys I just bought this thinking it is a great restoration project. I was wondering if anyone has any idea of what it is? The people I bought it from say they think it's from 1959. Also it came without an engine, how should I go about picking an engine?

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  2. Grey Ghost
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    Grey Ghost Senior Member

    Can you share any more photos? There might be a hint in some details.
  3. whitepointer23

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    definitely a boat.
  4. frank smith
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    frank smith Senior Member

    I think you are on the right track.
  5. Stumble
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    Stumble Senior Member

    Funny, I was thinking it was a trailer. With a tree on top of it.
  6. wannadriveaboat
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  7. whitepointer23

    whitepointer23 Previous Member

    yes. quite a nice looking design.
  8. lewisboats
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    lewisboats Obsessed Member

    Not a CC... , doesn't resemble a Thompson much either...
  9. Rurudyne
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    Rurudyne Senior Member

    When I first saw the picture of the boat it I thought it looked like one whose plans I came across not long ago while looking around on Google Books.

    This was, it turned out after some searching, the "Sea Craft", 25', based on a WW2 boat used to ferry officers (I remembered that bit). Now that I've found it again, link below, I'm not so sure....


    EDIT: actually it looks a lot like Caballero too, 19', even more so ( http://www.svensons.com/boat/?p=MechanixIllustrated/Caballero ). If it isn't, can't really tell from your picture if it has the same sheer line, maybe the same NA is responsible for her?
  10. Ike
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    Ike Senior Member

    Nice looking boat. it looks just like a model boat I had when I was 9 or 10. I haven't got a clue, but it looks well made and in good condition, from the outside. We need more photos
  11. Petros
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    Petros Senior Member

    length and beam might also help identify it.

    My first thought was Crise Craft, but not enough flair. Perhaps an old Glen-L design?

    Or how about one of these: http://svensons.com/boat/
  12. JakubT
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    JakubT Junior Member

    Remind me german cabin cruisers.
  13. Easy Rider
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    Easy Rider Senior Member

    Looks very Brittish to me.

    But what's it doing in Colorado?

    Looks like the fasteners for the hull planks are placed very close to the seams. Odd.
    Batten seams with through bolted battens? Odd.
    Most US boats would have lower cabin.

    The lack of paint may indicate a very labor intensive restoration by someone not having much boat knowledge and they may have done something strange w the seams.

    Just random thoughts.
  14. peterjoki
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    peterjoki Junior Member

    Reminds me a lot of 50's through 70's cabin cruisers in Scandinavia.
    Nice boat!

    As for power they are usually fitted with a diesel in the 50 to 80hp range over here.
    6-7knots (could be 8 to 10 for this one as it seems to have a more favorable hull compared to those over here) economical cruising speed. Everything above lifts up A LOT of water at the stern and gives a knot or two extra max.

  15. Milehog
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    Verify the integrity of the hull, deck, cabin, transom, etc. before concerning yourself with powering it.
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