what sort of boat did Hells Angles use to try to kill Mick Jagger?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Squidly-Diddly, Nov 19, 2010.

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  2. Man Overboard
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    Man Overboard Tom Fugate

    It must have been an open boat, maybe something similar to a bass boat, or some other fast, shallow draft boat. (maybe a RIB)
  3. PAR
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    Obviously, you're not too familiar with bikers of the era. I used to ride with them and they treated me with respect because I could fix their bikes.

    It would be simpler just to rephrase the head line to "Stoned, Drunk and Tripping Bikers Attempt to Operate Boat in Rough Conditions". These boneheads would have been pretty hammered, stole someones boat, which they likely barely knew how to operate, then they slammed the throttle to the stop and blasted off to do the "deed". Of course they got their drunken asses bounced out after flying off the first roller and had to swim home. Yep, a good day by them, after they'd dried off.
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    Crikey you've been around Paul.

    It made me laugh that their boat was 'hit by a storm' you've got to love journalists. Boating is just so dangerous, what with storms lurking about waiting to pounce not to mention assassins. Their rescue in the 'storm' by the coastguard didn't get a mention or maybe they just walked ashore and went to the pub.

    Probably the whole story was as factual.

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    When you're as good looking, tall and talented as I Mike, it's difficult not being asked to join every group you meet. Personally, I've never ridden with the Angles, but I have other biker groups as a young man. I still know a few of them, at least the ones that survived and have been released from prison. I was talking to Thumper's ex-wife just two days ago, he's a full up diabetic now, which is bad, but at least he's very experienced with injecting himself.
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