What Software is used for Boat Design?

Discussion in 'Software' started by derek59, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. derek59
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    derek59 New Member

    Hi Guys, I'm looking around at what software you use for boat design? I have extensive Solidworks experience and would be keen to use that (the latest version is just so intuitive) - but thought I would get some other opinions. Many thanks - Derek.

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  2. DCockey
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    See the "sticky" threads at the top of the Software forum index for what is popular with folks who chose to respond to the polls:

    What's best for you depends on your objectives, your experience, and what software and hardware you have and want to use.

    "Intuition" in software use is heavily dependent on your experience with the software and other software.
  3. ACuttle
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    ACuttle Marine Design Engineer

    In short Solidworks is great for structural work in metal (and possibly wood) but less good (very poor infact) for hull-form design.

    An answer to a similar question:
  4. alidesigner
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    alidesigner Senior Member

    Any software will get you there, even drawing by hand will get you there. So if you have Solidworks and know how to use it then stay with that and you will get there. Other packages may get the job done faster but unless you are going to start a commercial concern then why waste your time and money on new software when you already have a tool that will do the job.

    If you need to flatten hull plates then you will need rhino, delftship or maxsurf as well. Hulls are too complicated for SW sheet metal.

  5. chab
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    chab New Member

    :)AutoCad can be used :):)
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