What software does Bakewell-White use?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Stephen Ditmore, Dec 15, 2001.

  1. Stephen Ditmore
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    Stephen Ditmore Senior Member

    After looking at the Bakewell-White Yacht Design (current BoatDesign.net design award winner) web site, I'd be very interested to know what programs they're using. Their images look great!
  2. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    Here's what they use:

    Maxsurf Suite

    AutoCad 2002
    Mechanical Desktop
    3D Studio Viz

    AshlarVellum Solids 2000 / Cobalt

    Pro Engineer

    Adobe / Macromedia Suites

    Winyacht Advanced VPP (?)

    I sometimes hesitate to come right out and ask 'what software did you use for this and that' because I'm afraid it implies too much that the computer is doing the work rather than the designer.

    Their renderings are really fantastic - first the designs are great to begin with. Second they add a lot of details and spend the time to assign materials and to do things like add a subtle raytrayced reflection to the a deck or a shine on a pulley or a subtle ripple in the waterline. And maybe most importantly, an illustration background shows as they also add the shadow and even the over-accentuated thin line shadow to the sails giving it a nice depth. I really like their renderings too, each individually and also because there are so many great renderings in a couple of different styles - exterior, detail, and interior components.
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