What pitch props new Merc 150 4 strokes twins

Discussion in 'Props' started by Bartboat, Sep 21, 2012.

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    I'm repowering the 23' boat I made and need some suggestions on picking new props. Boat currently has a single '92 Merc 175 with a stainless Offshore 4 blade 19 pitch. Yesterday at 6000 rpm the boat would do 32 mph. Its a little under propped as the tack would go past 6000 and stop. I do like the grip of this 4 blade and think I will stick with this style for the new twin 150s unless told otherwise.
    Oh, what do you think I should ask for the motor that has 200 hrs and will come with the all the gauges, controls, prop, oil tank?,
    Thanks Bart
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