What other boats are there like these?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by JordieS, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,

    I've been searching the internet and just wondering what other similar types of boats there are like the Sunseeker Superhawk and some of the Hunton boats like this http://www.hunton.co.uk/xrs43

    I really like the sleek and low profile fast cruisers. The models from Four Winns, Bayliner, Regal etc just don't fit into this genre of cruisers.

    Anyone know any other boats like this?

    Thanks alot
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  2. Stumble
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    Do a google search for cigarette boats, there are lots of similar boats. They run the gamut from carbon fiber race boats to ultra fast cruisers.
  3. JordieS
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    Thank you stumble but I find the cigarette boats are a bit more of a racer than a performance cruiser
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  6. whitepointer23

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    are you looking to buy one.
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    Monterey, sea ray, yamaha, master craft
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  10. BPL
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    Formula reached for this market with Formula Sun Sport boats.

  11. loyd
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    mercedes-benz sls amg
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