What Material to Build a House Float?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by FloatHomeHelp, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Contrary to much of what I have seen in the comments back to you regarding Floating Structure or Aquatic Architecture, I believe you should consider building and redesigning to a more stable shape with UHPC - Ultra High Performance Concrete.

    First of all this nano-ceramic Cement can be formulated to be as strong as steel, but does not corrode, not affected by UV light, and is waterproof in and of itself.
    It’s vastly superior strength and performance would be an ideal choice for your project eliminating inherent problems with metal, wood and fiberglass.

    We have build 3 typical shaped barges over 100 meters still in use in Indonesia today.

    Your project however I see could be very simple....once determined how it is to be used, the motion and use would determine the optimal design form.
    A UHPC formula with a low specific gravity that floats in water would be ideal and eliminate the problem of sinking and at the same time may be able to be cast in a fabric form right in the water.
    Liquid UHPC will not segregate in water and the fabric form would be the ideal economical solution.
    ...build an optimal shaped floating raft and put your living-entertaining structure and infrastructure on the top of it. Then...Have it towed where you want it to stay.

    Designing it to endure a hurricane would be probably, but evacuated during the storm and return again when safe.
    Having an internal drive system would be an additional cost and would of course alter the design if it is the vessel is to be moving.
    Good luck...!
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