What kind of screws to use?

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by martinos, Jul 31, 2009.

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    My parents are from Greece, a great place to sail and be on the water.

    The reason I think bronze screws are still used is boat building tradition, and they cost a bit less than marine grade stainless screws. Stainless are stronger, and you are less likely to damage the driven head installing or removing them. If stainless screws cost less where you are, than use them. They will not have that "classic" or traditional bronze look is all. And as noted earlier, you would not want to use stainless fasteners with bronze fittings because of the dissimilar metals.

    Good luck with your project, keep us posted on your progress.
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    Not really, or at least not noticeable! That is a common myth, but a myth!
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    yahh, so I thought...........and waisted my time.

    I´m a German, you know, we do´nt play business, we do business, or we leave it. In your case Bahardyr, the latter!

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    I beg your pardon. Iwas there and don't waste my time becouse person would be my friend. Now I am working like Germans and if you want I can meet again with you.
    Best regards to you and have a good day...

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    It depends

    If you have limited budget and don't expect the boat to last for decades, the ss screws are good enough.


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    Just a bit of addition to the screw head discussion here (old thread yes, but has good information). Torx-screws that I've used so far, don't stay on the driver head without magnet. But otherwise they are damn lot better than Philips-heads i grew up with.

    Lately I've used wood screwes that have a Assy-head that's derived from Torx, but have a tapered body on the bit and head. These screws will stay on the driver without magnet in any direction. Of course with a worn head the magnet is again needed. I have used these screws alot and some of them have been used 10-20 times and still have the head intact. I think Assy is patented by Würth and seen only in their screwes.

    Darn, I sound like a Würth-salesperson, I'm not, I just like their products.

    I have four Torx-heads (along with Assys, PH & PZ and a flat-head bit) in a pocket size set and they have served me very well with all the wood screwes I have ever used. But I do know what you talk about, just yesterday I rummaged thru a less than organised tool box trying to sockets under all the other tools. :)

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