What kind of hull is this?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Pengyou, Apr 26, 2019.

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    Note for the early readers, I've added an large P.S. to my above post #15.
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    My Skoota hulls are not disimilar, but the dwl is not as high, and, of course, the Skoota hulls have much more freeboard.
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    I have dealt a lot with the houseboat industry. With them its not what's under water that counts, especially for houseboats that go to rentals. Its all the superstructure above that matters. They want all the latest luxuries, big screen TVs, full size refrigerators and galleys (kitchens to them) and full baths (no heads on a houseboat). Some even have hot tubs on the upper deck, (I wonder if they have ever done an inclining with the hot tub full?) Many of the people working in the houseboat industry come from the RV industry. To them they are just floating RVs. Now, I know someone is going to say I'm wrong and being unkind, but 20 years of getting them to comply with even the Fed Regs, let alone ABYC, left me with a bad taste. I doubt if many of them have any idea of what a naval architect does. I don't know if any of you remember Jim Leach who worked for many boat builders and eventually for NMMA. He dedicated his life to getting the houseboat industry to build using ABYC standards. There are some that are really excellent boats, and I emphasis the word boats. There is even one houseboat manufacturer who gets offended if you call his "yachts" houseboats. But they make a very good houseboat whatever you call it. So it does not surprise me to see an ad that says "safest". Safest in what respect, under what conditions? Is it safe because it has CO detectors and has low CO emisssions.? Anyway, it's just hype.

    Sorry for the rant.
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    I second that!
    good rant- don't need to apologize. My experiences have been almost identical. Some manufacturers are better than others.... especially if the word 'laws' or 'lawyer' comes into the conversation.
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    Actually the V-Series full hull upper deck plan shows the top hot tub option installed on the elite series . . . .


    Specifications: ‘‘World’s Safest Hull’’ - Available Upgrades: ‘‘Upper Deck Bath’’ ‘‘Hot Tub Prewired’’


    Since on the above plan the upper deck roof looks to be vaguely lined on top of the second level upper deck, I'm afraid the hot tub is actually installed on top of the upper deck roof, which is the third level...

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