What kind of boat is this?

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    An old boat was given to me and I'm trying to figure out what it is. It kind of looks like a 420 or 470. Must be pre 1972 because there is no serial number. Also there is no manufacturer label or nameplate. I do not have the sails so the insignia is unknown. Pictures are attached. The boat is 14'-0" long, beam is 5'-7", mast is 20'-4". Looks to be set up for main, jib, and maybe a spinnaker. Traveller track is missing from photos. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (the boat in the background is a Tasar)
    I was told it is an RL 14 but I've never heard of it and can't find any info under that name. The only history I know is that this type of boat was used in Fort Erie area in a sailing school, so possibly a trainer circa 1970's.


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    With 14 ft (4.27 meters) LOA, it is definitely not an 470. The minimum LOA for a 470 boat is 4.69 m (15.39 ft)

    On the other hand, the 420 class rules allow maximum 4.22 meters (13.85 ft) LOA, so the hull in the pic (if your measurement is correct) is beyond that limitation too.

    However, try to check again the main dimensions against this Class 420 Measurement Form: http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/4202010MeasureForm220110-[8274].pdf . It might be that you have rounded the length a bit too much.
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    Get-a-Life KenM

    Can't see a motor, nor can I see rowlocks.

    My guess it's a sail boat.

    Sorry, could not resist.

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