What is your OS -- windows, mac, linux?

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by Jeff, Oct 22, 2006.


What OS are you running on your primary machine?

  1. Windows

    91 vote(s)
  2. Mac

    33 vote(s)
  3. Linux

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  4. Other

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  1. djwkd
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    Location: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

    djwkd Senior Member

    Oh, awesome! Will give that a try sometime.
  2. Tantalus
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    Location: Auckland, New Zealand

    Tantalus 1963 kauri cruiser

    Apple iPad.....
  3. HardWare
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    Location: Ontario

    HardWare New Member

    I use Windows 7, Ubuntu, and Debian.

    I also play around with Haiku and Minix.
  4. Vulkyn
    Joined: Jun 2010
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    Location: Egypt

    Vulkyn Senior Member

  5. SheetWise
    Joined: Jul 2004
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    Location: Phoenix

    SheetWise All Beach -- No Water.

    Windows Vista, like Millennium, should have been named "Doors" -- but Seven seems to be pretty stable.
  6. naupigos_gr
    Joined: Feb 2009
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    Location: N/A

    naupigos_gr Junior Member

    Mac OSX ( iMac and Macbook white )
    Planning to sell little macbook, to buy Macbook pro in order to take it with me for my MSc studies !

    Both Macbook white and iMac have Windows XP SP2 Partition.
    I boosted their perfomance by adding 4 Gb.
    You can" run" everything just like a Windows PC.
    Autoship- Autocad - Rhinoceros with marine plug in etc . ;)
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2010
  7. troy2000
    Joined: Nov 2009
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    Location: California

    troy2000 Senior Member

    I have a Toshiba Satellite that came with Vista, and I play World of Warcraft online. The lag time was getting so horrendous in busy areas such as Dalaran that the game was basically unplayable for me during peak usage times. So I stopped by a Staples to buy more RAM one day, and the store's computer tech asked me what system I was using.

    When I told him I was using Vista he said, "you don't need more RAM; you need an operating system that doesn't eat up the RAM you already have. You need to get rid of Vista, and upgrade to Windows 7." I took his advice, and it was like getting a brand-new computer.
  8. marshmat
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    Location: Ontario

    marshmat Senior Member

    Very true, Troy. Win7 is, from a technical standpoint, only a service pack to Vista (it's actually version 6.1) but the tweaks, optimizations and bug fixes add up to a much, much better behaved system.
  9. Vulkyn
    Joined: Jun 2010
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    Location: Egypt

    Vulkyn Senior Member

    I lost faith in windows a long time ago, but windows 7 is a huge step in the right direction still not enough imo but much much better than vista.
  10. Tim B
    Joined: Jan 2003
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    Location: Southern England

    Tim B Senior Member

    The problem that Win 7 has is that it isn't really good enough to challenge a modern Linux Distro with KDE4. It comes in a close second (most of the time), but the price is not in it's favour. If MS want to coax me back, then for the licence cost they have to provide something that is a lot better than I can get for FREE.

    For those of us who lost faith somewhere around Windows 3.1, but didn't have a really usable alternative until a few years back, Win 7 had to do something massively better than KDE4 now presents. Frankly, it hasn't.

    I run a number of high-end workstations, one with Win 7, the others with WinXP which all dual boot into SLED11 (diskless under SLES, using the same root file system, shared via NFS). Win XP/7 is consistently slower when we start doing analysis work. That makes you ask, if we can keep some adequate XP resource (CAD/Reporting etc.), why not go Linux on the workstations?

    Tim B.
  11. wet feet
    Joined: Nov 2004
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    Location: East Anglia,England

    wet feet Senior Member

    I have to endorse Tim's comments.I recently had my old faithful laptop die and bought a new Dell which came loaded with Windows 7 and an amount of other garbage.19Gb of software and it was less quick than loading an entire operating system and a lot of applications on a live Linux CD from a cold boot.I thought it would be quicker to boot from a Linux installation and loaded Ubuntu,with which I am now posting.Why would I want an operating system that seems to have been implemented primarily to preserve the status of the supplier,when I can have a more than competent alternative at zero cost?
  12. yipster
    Joined: Oct 2002
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    Location: netherlands

    yipster designer

    first time i hear of Linux Distro with KDE4 and dont know if it run win cad
    using my android (linux?) smartphone more and more to internet tho
  13. Tim B
    Joined: Jan 2003
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    Tim B Senior Member


    There are a few 2D cad packages around that have a Linux port. Unfortunately, few 3D CAD packages have made it so far. I will probably do more CAD when (or if) McNeel port Rhino to Linux.

    Tim B.
  14. cthippo
    Joined: Sep 2010
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    Location: Bellingham WA

    cthippo Senior Member

    Win XPpro64 at the moment, but I need to re-install AGAIN due to a recurrent I/O issue so I suspect I will be dual-booting at a minimum next time around. I have used linux as my primary OS in the past and just sort of got away from it. I think I was still gaming at the time which might have been why.

  15. Raggi_Thor
    Joined: Jan 2004
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    Location: Trondheim, NORWAY

    Raggi_Thor Nav.arch/Designer/Builder

    As a reseller I must mention Bricscad for Linux.
    Bricsys has now made a Pro version for Linux, but some of the 3D solid modelling tools are missing, also the rendering..
    They have ACIS modelling, but not parametric (X-Solids).
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