what is with these boat plans?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Steve32, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Check out Specmar or Munson.
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    thx! I'll check that out
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    designs of metal boats

    The link you showed is to a manufacturer's site, I'd expect those boats to be very cost influenced so the designs are simplified and most of the deck boats were landing craft- not the most shapely work boats afloat.

    I admit this particular firm's boats are little bit 'agricultural' or industrial and not a shapely as the beautiful AMF boats from Down Under. But these boats somewhat simplified lines look to me they're intended to be less expensive than a custom designed one-off boat where more elegant lines and forms are the expected.

    Once a [plastic] mold is made the curvy shaped hulls come out in plastic- over and over at a relatively low cost. However, in welded metal most curves are expensive compared to those shapes in molded plastic and the cost is in each boat. So I think the link(s) are to a manufacturer(s) who're trying to keep shapes simple to keep costs low?

    I'd tend to separate the one-off welded metal boat from the production boat builders' designs -especially in regards a design's impact on cost justified construction details.

    There aren't many welded aluminum Riva's because the labor to build that shape in welded metal would put the cost too high for the production builder to sell. I think that is why we see so many simplified forms in the market.

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    this is true... and AMF does make a wonderful product, I look at those QRV everyday and if I could find plans for a 20' hull in that style I would be all over it.

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    as its been previously mentioned I think you are going to find the limitation isnt in the design but the material you are dealing with. Certainly with more time and care more attractive alloy boats can be built but the fact still remains constructing alot of curves and contours into an alloy boat is extremely difficult to execute well. Folding/bending alloy sheets offers free strength while welding actually weakens it. Even on a build where you are doing the labour yourself(i.e you're willing to invest the extra time) you will find it a huge challenge to avoid wrinkles, waves and panel warpage while making alot of welded seams vs bends. These limiitations tend to render it impractical for production situations.

    Even with that limitation inherent to the material I feel most manufacturers do a horrible job trying to at least minimize it. Just because a boat is alloy doesnt mean it shouldnt look like a shoe box...
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