What is this method of planking is called? 100 hours of googling with no results

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by serdarbas, Feb 23, 2024.

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    I'm about to install the final planks.
    Everyone just does the same planking method on cold molded boats: perfectly horizontal planking.
    Mark the lines, set the width, spile the planks based on the lines...

    Standard method which everyone does:

    BUT what is the method on picture below is called?
    [​IMG]I've I experimented on my boat. It is awesome?
    Your planks follows the curvature of the hull therefore you require way less spiling, you have a more traditional carvel planking look.
    But I can't find any sources on it.

    For example, on my trial fittings, I have noticed that in this method you only need to spile the bottom of the planks? Or maybe I'm wrong, no clue, not a single source on whole internet!
    I'm afraid to make a big mistake. Only if I knew the name , maybe I could search for it.

    Do you know anything about this method? Any resources? Even name of it?

    Trial on my boat:

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    Both methods are "Carvel", in the sense of longitudinal planking laid edge-to-edge.
    You're not talking about a "change of name", but only a "change in technique".
    Every boatbuilder on the planet probably has his own technique for lining-off planking.
    Single bevel/double bevel, and where to fit stealers if needed.
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    The two construction methods shown is the photo is just cold moulding....nothing more or less. It just happens that the outer layer is laid longitudinally. This is an aesthetic choice for a bright finish, copying the look if classic bright finished planked composite construction from the 1930's lightweight powerboats which where basically constructed the same way. It's just using modern epoxy instead of screws, rivets, canvas, and white lead.

    I don't think you are going to find cookbook method on the hows and whys of laying off the spiling to look good....it really is an aesthetic choice....and really makes no difference unless you want a bright finish.

    If you want a text on this construction method and how to handle the spiling (which again is only an aesthetic choice). I would recommend John Guzwell's book Modern Wooden Yacht Construction and Howard Chappell's Boatbuilding.

    Edit to add: Try this.

    Planking: An Introduction to Methods & Techniques – Mastering Skills with the WoodenBoat School https://skills.woodenboat.com/articles/planking-an-introduction-to-methods-techniques/

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