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    I have just tripped over this thread, noting a lot of speculation but no deep knowledge. The boat you have been discussing some years ago is definitely an Attunga 20. From my recollection the photograph with the trimaran,Kraken, was taken on the Gippsland lakes in Victoria racing against the prototype Attunga 20 named appropriately "Attunga".

    The original design was by an architect, Peter Hooks in conjunction with an engineer Jack Shaw, and registered with the Australian catamaran Association in 1959.

    My first build was A15 in 1960 and did better with my second try, A101, in 1963. we found these catamarans very stable and seaworthy, sailing them long distances over Port Phillip Bay, Victoria Australia. Did things in these boats I would never dream of doing in a hobie 14.

    A smaller version of the boat was designed, Attunga 15 which was in fact 15.5 feet in length to fit inside a Port Phillip Bay boat shed. The prototype was built by my crew man while my second boat was being built and the design adapted.

    With the advent of moulded fibreglass holes building your own timber catamaran became a lost art. Carbon fibre has taken it one step further.

    Very pleased to know that after some fifty yearsa few Attunga 20's are still sailing.
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