What is the favourite or best Scientific calculator use by NA and designer?

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by Wellydeckhand, May 14, 2006.

  1. Wellydeckhand

    Wellydeckhand Previous Member

    There are so many brand and type of scientific calculator, err...... I was quite amazed when I need to buy one for design calculation boat. I know we can use almost all calculator, but which are the favourite or best scientific calculator use by N A and yacht designer?

    If you got a picture and some detail about it abilities than normal calculator in term of ship work would be a boon.

  2. StianM
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    StianM Senior Member

    Casio grapical calculator is what I would recomend.
    It can draw cures and you can store programs on it.
    It has both square and cubic root.
    With that and a tecnical formula collection you can calculate everything from dopler and turbine effect to resistance in electrical circuts and stabilety off hull's.

    I would be suprised if it's no freeware download calculators on twocows.com or something

    If you download opera 9 http://www.opera.com/download/get.pl?id=27903&location=133&nothanks=yes&sub=marine
    it contain widgets and there you can chose calculator, but not that advanced yet, but I think it would come when becom more popular.
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  3. SeaSpark
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    SeaSpark -


    No calculator can match spreadsheet software on a PC.
  4. SailDesign
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    SailDesign Old Phart! Stay upwind..

    I liked my TI-59 in the 80's, and now use a Hewlett-Packard 20S (regular Algebraic entry, notr RPN). I actually have 2, one at home and one at work, so I don't have to re-think how to use one or the other.
    But, as someone said earlier, it vcannot match what you can do on your PC with a spreadsheet, and Rhino has its own built0in calcualtor now...
  5. yago
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    yago __

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  6. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    I typically keep three or four math tools handy... here's my favourites.
    Hand calculator, carry it everywhere --> Casio fx-991 series
    Spreadsheet --> Excel or Quattro
    Mathematics suite --> Maple 9.5/10 (really powerful, but really pricey though)
    Plus a few little applets like Convert.exe, etc. and sometimes an equation solver like EES.
    Not a fan of graphing calculators. They're bulky and complex and expensive, you can't carry them around easily, and when you're at your desk you have a computer handy anyway.
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    RANCHI OTTO Naval Architect

    Hp 32 S II
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  8. terhohalme
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    terhohalme BEng Boat Technology

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  9. Ike
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    Ike Senior Member

    I have had a TI-65 Technical Analyst for years.When you don't have a computer and a spreadsheet available it can't be beat. It has all the usual scientific functions plus it has built in conversions from Eng. to Metric, it's got a built in count up timer, and count down timer, and much more. I don't think these are available any more but I'm glad I have one. Other than that If I had to choose I'd get one of the programmable calculators that does graphs and has a cable link to your computer.
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  10. Wellydeckhand

    Wellydeckhand Previous Member

    Yup, HP made some of the best financial calculator, for my calculation of cost and lending from banks.......... a Casio 9000 for graph.

    But I was told there is a casio version special for shipyard and designer calculator?

  11. Vincent G
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    Vincent G Junior Member

    HP34C -> HP11C -> HP48GX -> HP49G+
    The best is to have an equation solver in which you enter equations with n unknowns, (n-1) known parameters and get a result for the remaining unknow.

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  12. dougfrolich
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    dougfrolich Senior Member

    I am addicted to my HP48 GX, had it for 100 years can't imagine life without it.
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  13. MikeJohns
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    MikeJohns Senior Member

    I went through school and my first degree with a slide rule, now I too am utterly addicted to an HP 48GX. Most engineers I know share the HP addiction.
    Had mine around 10 years still haven't read all the manual :)

    On a PC I use Excel a lot, but for anything that needs more complex maths I would be lost without Mathcad.
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  14. spank
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    spank Junior Member

    Without a doubt...HP48GX. Got me through university physics, calculus etc. and it one of the few items that I always know the location of at all times. It is the only device the I still have the manual for. RPN is superior too.

  15. redcoopers
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    redcoopers Member

    HP48GX seconded. I also have a TI-89 and HP49, but the good old HP48 is still my favorite.

    My theory is: if you need to do anything more complex than number crunching, use EXCEL, or MATLAB, or anything else PC. Otherwise, the tactile feel of the HP48 makes it simple and intuitive for arithmetic.

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