What is the best shipdesign software for me?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Hunterr, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. Hunterr
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    Hunterr Junior Member

    I used rhino3d and orca3d
    But hydrostatic values are not reliable and
    Hydrostatic table format is not insuitable for submitting the sheet to classfication without modifying the excelformat.

    Design region -LOA 15~40METER.all type ship

    Now I try to buy software Napa or maxsurf

    What is the more suitable software for me?

    1. Hydrostatic and dynamic
    2. Hp and velocity estimate
    3. Weight calculation
    4. Easy modeling
  2. TANSL
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    Both Maxsurf and NAPA perform naval architecture calculations very well. So in that sense the two are very good. But before deciding on a software, in my opinion, you should consider at least the following:
    - The best overall results will be obtained through the program that allows you to perform the most accurate model. No matter how good a program calculating is, if the model you have created with him is not good, the end result will be bad. That problem, if it exists, can be solved by creating a 3D model with Rhino and exporting it to the other application (this is a normal practice for many designers).
    - As you already intuited, outputs and presentation of the results, either through tables, either through graphics, or both, is one of the most time-consuming parts in a project. Therefore you must select the application that best solve this part of the project.
    - How does the application consider compliance with various standards, stability, security, damage, etc. applicable to your project.
    - And, importantly, what kind of projects you want to do ?. Do you want to perform only basic engineering or even engineering development (construction drawings)?

    NOTE: If you have and know how to use AutoCAD, I can offer you another very complete solution. Contact me, if you like, through my email.
  3. Paul Cronin Studios
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    Don't forget about MultiSurf by AeroHydro. I have been using this software since it came out. Designed for the NA and easy to use.
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