What is the best antifouling you know

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by dskira, May 25, 2010.

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    It is a raging war on advertising about antifouling.
    Every manufacturer say that it is the ultimate.
    Some say it's EPA aprouve, other say EPA is not involve, some say tin is prohibited, and an other one sell with tin based.
    Some say 67% cooper, but you can choose your color :?:
    The only thing they agree is the price. Prohibitive.
    So do you have first hand experience on one brand you like?
    Do not matter the hull material, any material, beside aluminum, can be prep for all the antifouling, if the adverstising is right. Of course :D
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    "What is the best antifouling you know":

    I'm incline to answer that with lead/antimony or arsenic based, all very poisonous and banned. An interesting chili-pepper paint was discussed on this forum but you'd have to make it yourself because it's not on the market.

    If the question would have been "the best antifouling available" I'd say Hempel Copperpaint. Not overly expensive, effective against shell building marine life during the next two or three seasons.
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    A trailer.

    Hey, it works- I've spent a total of maybe an hour in the last eight years scrubbing marine growth from my hull, and virtually all of that was waterline scum.

    Oh, you want PAINT.....
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    we are getting 2 years in tropics from Altex ABC I think they work with Devoe of USA, so Altex is in NZ and here Devoe may call it something else But for 23 years I have used it on all mine
    using Zeca system primer over the alloy then the high build then the antifoul(copper base) 2 years in tropics is very good, just dont scimp tho
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    "just dont scimp tho" - especially on the primer/insulator! - No problems with the copper on the older ones? I would have thought that even the proximity to copper wud be detrimental...
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    Mark the Zeca system ddi not come in until later abt mid 90,s I am not sure,
    so iIonly did the last (Nimbus) with that, beauty of it is you can damage the paint and the copper is still isolated, the zeca, zinc rich, but it changed the superyacht industry, you know 130 footers hauled every 6 months, very costly
    you would need to search it, but basically after the acid wash, you throw on 60 microns DFT then the high build then when the high build is still soft the Antifoul

    Zeca Primer
    Immersion Primer for Aluminum Hulls &Copper Antifouling Systems

    Availability: Australia, New Zealand

    Download: Zeca Primer Datasheet
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    here you are. saved the industry squillions,
    i usually take what altex says with grain salt when it comes to prep, they have different story every 5 mins, so ALL the builder I know including alloy yachts int, sand up with 36 grit, acid and Zeca Sandblasting is pretty much impossible these days, even wet and I can see no advantage,
    Nimus is 10 now, trouble at all under water
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    No more E-paint, then!
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  13. dskira

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    It was the brand I used for everything in Spain. A very good paint.
    But that was long time ago. Before regulations kick in.
    I should re-try them to see of the difference.
    Not that easy to find here.
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    I'll go the Altex/Devoe range, best epoxies and antifouls that I am aware of.
    Personally used them for over 25 years commercially.

  15. WickedGood

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    Lots Of Coppa


    I have used this Glouster Bottom Paint with pretty good sucess on a boat theat I kept in Glouster Harbor. The boat was used about 3-5 days a week and the paint ould go 2 years without repainting. Knot Bad for the money

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