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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by outlander581, Aug 31, 2010.

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    outlander581 New Member

    Hi, can anyone identify this hull that my mate and I are trying to get back on the water.
    Knowing the make and model, we may be able to get her back as she was

    Lengh;- 16ft
    Beam;- 5.5-6ft

    Many Thanks.

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  2. apex1

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    No, better not!

    Having a name makes it more difficult to throw it away!
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    Pretty uncool Apex, it's the guys first post & your bagging out his boat, grow up!
    The view from that vessel will be great, economical to run, catch a few fish & some rays & go home proud & happy Outlander. Have heaps of fun mate!
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  4. apex1

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    Well, that was a bit harsh, I must agree. So then lets start again:

    Welcome to the forum outlander!

    Try to calculate the cost of such restoration before you start any work on it. Be honest with the prices and effort you calculate.

    Then compare these figures with a similar boat in turnkey condition. You will find it is most probably not a good deal to bring her back into business.

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