what is it ?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by grumpygrady, Oct 10, 2006.

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    well first the thing is based on inflated rib... can you imagine bursting one of the tube while cruising...?

    As for suspender... I cant show it to you... I am wearing one... :)
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    what i found out is that it is a 100 mph cat with inflatable hulls by wing ind. lol

    designed by Jim Antrim and built by advanced marine reseach
    going to be shown to the public end of the year
    Mr Antrim said to wait and see lol
    thanks again to Chris Ostlind for pointing me in the right direaction
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    Here's a picture of it during sea trials:
    Note the cover is off the pod, but it's hard to make out what's there.
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    it looks like the drop boat is gone from behind the cabin
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    :cool: What a crazy looking thing! Funny...i had been in touch with Antrim lately and he sounded busy! Makes sense now......
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    It has an awful lot of top hamper for 100 kts. And just think of a bird strike! I wonder what's in the engine pods? I'll bet it's not your normal stern drive.
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    It is impossible not to speculate!

    An extremely low flying stealth plane?

    A small model of some kind of transport ship?

    A high speed transport - military launching platform?

    The new design for War of the Worlds II?
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    I thought I saw a pic with Arneson drives.
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    Similar Strange Cat

    I happen to be looking back at a Jan/Feb 1988 issue of Multihulls Mag and remembered seeing something similar. Quoted from the text that accompanied the photos:

    "The latest mystery boat, spotted by Roy Chandler, is the "Lady Jesica", first when she was anchored in Charlotte Harbor, near Boca Grande, Florida — and most recently at ‘Fisherman’s Village’ in Punta Gorda where he photographed her.

    She is constructed of steel and features two diesel engines (one in each hull). Her platform is high off the water and supports a pilothouse. A ladder on each hull leads up to the platform.

    She had been boarded by the ‘Feds' who found traces of marijuana and seized the vessel.

    Much diving equipment is aboard her, though her basic design purpose may have been something else, considering there aren't any storage areas to speak of.

    To get to the engines one must use the ladder inside the rectangular chutes, midships.

    Whatever her original purpose... she was not a cheap craft to build, someone spent big bucks for all that metal bending.

    We may never know her ‘secret'"

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    old news

    this thing was "unveiled" in SF Bay like 2 weeks ago. I saw the artical and pic in the Peninsula Daily News, check their website. If I recall, it had something to do with wave traversability.
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    Prototype research vessel


    It kinda reminds me of the Eagle transporter in the Space 1999 Sc-Fi program. Instead of a major nuclear accident, this one would be intended to survive the melting of the polar cap ;-)
  13. Doug Lord

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    Well, its a fantastic design; very impressive.....
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    It's an Italian project for a high-speed, ocean-crossing, power catamaran. I think it was seen in the San Fran bay recently.

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