What is a Cheap alternative to Waterproof casting deck?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Ryan Miller, May 16, 2019.

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    I may have done wrong with my aluminum boats....
    When changing out transom wood which I laminated with epoxy and sealed with epoxy then installed. I sealed the motor well area to the wood with sikaflex as I felt it would allow a tad bit of freedom of movement...aluminum and wood heat and cool and swell and shrink at different speeds. I then painted over it. I have been happy with the results.

    Oh...all through hull and wood holes like for the motor mounting I predrilled...used a paintbrush and epoxy sealed them too....when I installed the part or bolt I additionally used 3m 5300 marine adhesive sealant to grant me just a bit more protection as I hate leaks and positively loath soggy rotten wood. Has worked well for almost 10 yrs on my Jon boat and 7 or so on my starcraft aluminum converted to cc.
    Your mileage may vary

    Don't follow my example unless someone with more experience here says it is good .
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    I will be using that marine sealant but it's the top I'm not sure how I will be getting the transom out yet either grind or bend the steel up it is sealed in pretty good

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