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    Go for a 20' IVB with a 90 Yamaha you will cruise whenever possible at at least 30Kts and in most adverse seas at 15Kts.
    we go out to the hen and chicks off whangarei (see location website) and boy have struck so hairy times on the way home ..
    big easterly swell with at least 2 cross chops on top and have never felt things were getting out of control..
    Easy to handle on and off trailer and no problems towing it home..
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    Thats a really interesting website, I took a look right thru it - and the history of the hickman sea sled was really fascinating stuff - well researched, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Theres something about Kiwi's, you guys are a breed apart.

    Heck - we Aussies ain't so different either - course thats probably coz theres so many of you guys over here too.

    I reckon you got the pigeon pair Ferguson t.e.a. 20 tractor (hooked up to your IVB boat) to my ol tractor.

    I've a suspicion that the English "Vortex" hull is a derivative of the Hickman sled concept, only with a central hull to gain extra lift/bouyancy and provide clean water to the props.

    This 42 fter Vortex has twin Arhnesson outdrives too surface piercing props.


    It's about to be replaced with a new 48 ft vortex with twin kiwi Sea Fury surface drives under construction now.

    Wouldn't surprise me if the 42 is sold into Kiwi land - a lot of our Lobster boats end up there.

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