What happened with this Dick Newick design?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by bergwerk, Aug 9, 2016.

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    bergwerk Junior Member

    This Newick design has me intrigued:


    Has anybody here come across this design or the boat itself? The article calls it an outboard powered trimaran but no details are given. It should be quite fuel efficient and knowing Newick's body of work also seaworthy as the article's headline indicates.

    The Newick website gives no hint of a presently active office and I couldnt find any contact information on people that may have access to his designs or are continuing his work.
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    Newick is dead, his wife apparently is still selling his designs.
  3. bergwerk
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    bergwerk Junior Member

    Thanks, of course I knew of his passing but I didn't know about his wife selling the designs. Any idea how to contact her? Google nix.

    And how about this design? The US Navy has copied it in its unmanned sub chaser, a very cool craft.
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  5. matt thecat
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    The owner appears to still be in practice as described in the article. Perhaps he could be contacted and offer Mrs. Newick to sell copies of the plans? Perhaps he can provide information for the design's performance?
    I just signed up to this terrific site.
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  6. scott diego
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    My boat is a newick 42’ powerboat. Very efficient and lightweight. It isn’t a trimaran but has a similar shape to that trimaran design. I made a post here about it (under my sign in if you want to search for it).

  7. bajansailor
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