What happened to Geoffrey Williams?

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    I read "Sir Thomas Lipton Wins" by Geoffrey Williams when I was 10 years old. I still find it one of the best books about sailing, perhaps because the author claimed himself not to be a sailor (which I don't believe).

    I recently searched for Williams over the Internet - and failed. His book is still available, the controversy about his victory in 1968 is stil alive (it seems he is still hated by a part of sailing establishment), but the man disappeared.

    At last, he is mentioned on the pages about Ocean Youth Club history as its director of development, who organized building of a series of new yachts for the club. The yachts have been built and they are still sailing, so it seems that Williams succeeded in the project he had mentioned at the end of his book.

    But what happened later? He was only 25 when he won OSTAR'68, and was still before 30 when he finished the project for OYC. That's very strange, that such a man suddenly disappears and is completely forgotten.

    Does anyone knows, what happened? Is he still alive?


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